The Battle Nizer (バトルナイザー Batoru Naizā) is a device used by Reionics, such as Rei and Kate, that allows its wielder to summon a monster through a system called MonsLoad (モンスロード Monsurōdo). The user is able to command the monster until it is damaged too much, in which case it will have to be called back. This has the side effect of hurting the user as well.


Battle Nizer

Battle Nizer Open

The regular Battle Nizer used by Reionics, they can store up to three monsters at a time.

Neo Battle Nizer

NE0 battl

Grande NEO Battle Nizer

Grande NEO Battle Nizer Open

"Battle Nizer! Monsload!"

―Activation announcement

Neo Battle Nizer (ネオバトルナイザー Neo Batoru Naizā) is an evolved Battle Nizer used by Grande and Rei. It functions very much the same as the regular Battle Nizer but it can only be controlled by a powerful Reionics and in turn cause their monsters to grow in strength.

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Originally Ultraman Belial's personal Battle Nizer, given to him by Alien Rayblood. Belial used it to control 100 monsters and attack the Land of Light, an event that became known as the Revolt of Belial.


  • All users of the Battle Nizers have been Reionics. How they obtained them is unknown but they may simply appear due to their Rayblood genes.
  • In episode one of Ultra Galaxy NEO, it is shown that a Battle Nizer is a mix of technology and organic components. The second form of the Battle Nizer is a metamorphosis brought about by Rei's growth in power. This would mean that they are dependent on the owner Reionics' energies as shown by the Battle Nizers of defeated Reionics are never shown to be unusable.
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