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"Maga-Basser appears, calls forth storms, and wipes away all on the land."

―Maga-Basser in Pacific records

Basser (バッサー Bassā) is a species of bird-like Kaiju that debuted in Ultraman Orb as Maga-Basser (禍翼マガバッサー Maga Bassā).

Although the original variant is yet to appear, a fan interview with director Kiyotaka Taguchi confirms its existence and depict it as "Maga-Basser without its Maga-Crystal".[1]


  • Maga-Basser: Wind Lord Monster (風ノ魔王獣 Kaze no Maō-jū)
  • Guebasser: Raptorial Monster (猛禽怪獣 Mōkin Kaijū)[2]


Ultraman Orb Chronicle Chapter 6-0: Overture

Maga-Basser was one of the Lord Monsters created by Maga-Orochi, representing the element of Wind. In ancient times, Maga-Basser was sealed within the ionosphere above the North Arctic by Ultraman Mebius, until Juggler freed it via Peguila's Kaiju Card in the modern day.

Ultraman Orb

One peaceful day in Kitchitachi, Tokyo, an ancient bird-like monster who slept in the ionosphere suddenly woke up and wreaked havoc on the city with its powers of aerokinesis to create a Maga-Storm. According to the SSP, it occurred every few days and vanished just as suddenly. The team went into the open to investigate the strange phenomenon when suddenly, the monster got riled up and created the storm again. They decided to go inside the storm to get some answers and, when they were lifted by one of the tornadoes, what they found was the "Wind Lord Monster", Maga-Basser and a giant of light who quickly dispatched the monster for the moment.

Maga-Basser in episode 1

Not only did the monster cause a lot of trouble in all of Tokyo with its storms, but, in accordance to the butterfly effect, it also created seven typhoons that popped up all over the Pacific. Maga-Basser eventually created his storm again and, when the storm cleared, he decided to reveal himself to all of Tokyo. The giant of light, who introduced himself as Ultraman Orb, also revealed himself in his Spacium Zeperion form and the two giants fought each other again.

They kept their fight evenly matched with their combat prowess and aerial advantages respectively. After Maga-Basser unleashed his Maga-Shockwave at him, Orb summoned his Sparion Light Ring at him and tried to redirect it when the monster flew away, but the attack only managed to get rid of several feathers. After brawling it out in the sky, Orb's Color Timer began to blink and seeing that his Fusion Up was starting to break up, Orb knew he had to wrap it up fast, so he unleashed his Sparion Beam at Maga-Basser and the monster exploded soon afterwards, ending his threat on Earth.

Afterwards, Orb's human form, Gai Kurenai, discovered the beast's Maga-Crystal and thanks to his Orb Ring, turned it into the Ultraman Mebius' Ultra Fusion Card, the Ultra who sealed away the monster in the first place. Meanwhile, the rest of the monster turned into a Kaiju Card recovered by the true perpetrator, Jugglus Juggler.


  • Suit Designer: Kengo Kusunoki.
  • Maga-Basser's naming theme is rather interesting, as the Maga prefix stands for "ominous/sinister" (禍々しい Magamagashii) and the monster's original species name, Basser, comes from the onomatopoeia for "flapping" (バサバサ Basabasa).[3][4]
  • Maga-Basser's first all dark green feathers, while having a long tail and a different wing design.
  • Maga-Basser was originally designed to more closely resemble various birds of prey. Ultimately, his design was finalized being a combination of a dragon and the Fenghuang of Eastern Asian mythology. His design was also meant to resemble that of Bemstar's silhouette in the opening credits of Ultraman Ace. It also is said to have drawn inspiration from Melba and Lidorias.
  • In early production, Maga-Basser was going to be called King Basser (キングバッサー Kingu Bassā). However, due to Grand King already approved for use in the series, associate producer Okamoto Yuzo proposed the use of the phrase Maga as a common term across all Kaiju that would be used as Lord Monsters.

Ultraman R/B

"I felt a gust of wind from that strange lady, and the Wind Crystal is surely there. Emerge, Guebasser! Un, deux, trois! Un, deux, trois! Un, deux, TROIS!"

―Makoto as he summons the monster.


Summoned by Makoto Aizen to search for the Wind Crystal, Guebasser (グエバッサー Gue Bassā) rampaged while the Minato siblings were trying to support Yuha in her attempt to fly. The giant bird initially had the advantage of the battle against the Ultramen until the Tiga Crystal was uncovered. Using it, Blu transformed into Wind form and countered Guebasser's wind manipulation abilities before both Ultras destroy it with Zero Twin Slicer and Storm Shooting. Its crystal was recovered by D.R.L.N. as Makoto returned it to the R/B Crystal Collection Case.


  • Suit actor: Shinnosuke Ishikawa
  • The Guebasser's suit is modified by repainting Maga-Basser's to resemble a Japanese Crested ibis and removing its Maga-Crystal, under suggestion by Kengo Kusunoki; the designer of the original suit.[5] The staff used a custom painted figure he made as reference for the coloring. [6]
  • Although a portion of viewers believe that Guebasser is Maga-Basser's original variant, Kiyotaka Taguchi state it as a "wild type" (野生体 Yasei-tai) of Maga-Basser, proving this breed is nonetheless another variant.[7]
  • This incarnation of Basser sometimes makes a "Gue" sound in its roars, as if it were saying the prefix of its name.


  • Height: Unknown, suspected to be the same as Maga-Basser
  • Weight: Unknown, suspected to be the same as Maga-Basser
  • Origin: N/A
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: As giant bird itself, Basser is theorized to be able to fly with its wings.



  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown, sealed in the ionosphere by Ultraman Mebius
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Being a bird-like monster, Maga-Basser can fly at an incredible speed.
  • Sharp Beak: Maga-Basser's beak has a sharp tip that can be used for combat.
  • Sharp Talons: Maga-Basser's toes have sharp talons protruding from them. It uses them for close range combat while flying.
  • Aerokinesis: True to its title, Maga-Basser can manipulate wind to its liking, creating vortexes and miniature cyclones.
    • Maga-Storm (マガ嵐 Maga Arashi): Referred to by Gai as "The Devil's Wind", by flying in a circle, Maga-Basser can create an enormous black cloud that releases several tornadoes with enough magnitude to rip off and pull up parts of buildings. One of these tornadoes is big enough for Maga-Basser himself to fit into. The use of this storm has a domino effect to weather patterns around the globe, causing world wide storms and erratic weather patterns such as snowstorms in Egypt.
    • Maga-Shockwave (マガ衝撃波 Maga Shōgekiha): By flapping its wings, Maga-Basser can build up air pressure to release a large shockwave.



  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Ayaka City
  • Flight Speed: Mach 8
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Guebasser can fly at a speed of Mach 8.
  • Sharp Beak: Guebasser's beak has a sharp tip that can be used for combat.
  • Sharp Talons: Guebasser's toes have sharp talons protruding from them, also for combat use.
  • Aerokinesis: Guebasser can manipulate wind to its liking, creating vortexes and miniature cyclones.
    • Basa-Basser (バサバッサー Basa Bassā): By flapping its wings, Guebasser unleashes a gust of wind at 90 meters or more. It is powerful enough to rip its surroundings apart and keep Rosso and Blu at bay.[2]
    • Bassa-Basa Storm (バッサバサストーム Bassa Basa Sutōmu): By flying in a circle, Guebasser can create an enormous black cloud that forms a tornado when flying at maximum speed.
  • Basa-Feather Shoot (バサフェザーシュート Basa Fezā Shūto): Guebasser can fire its feathers as projectiles.


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