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Barrack Ship (バラックシップ Barakku Shippu) was a computer-controlled ship that appeared in Ultraman 80 episode 32.

Subtitle: Scrap Ghost Ship (スクラップ幽霊船 Sukurappu Yūreibune)


Ultraman 80

Inside Barrack Ship

Originally a computer controlled ship known as the Queens, The Queens struck an iceberg trying to bring supplies to Japan. Once it hit the iceberg the computer went rouge and turn into Barrack Ship!

Growing even bigger than a monster by absorbing more ships, the weapon became even more deadly as it moved closer to the land. After a UGM craft was absorbed into it, Ultraman 80 came into action. The ship began to fire at the hero, but 80 dove into the water. He eventually fired back, but more attacks were sent out. After those trapped inside the weapon managed to escape, 80 finished off Barrack Ship with his Succium Beam blowing it up.


  • Barrack Ship is a tribute to Iron Rocks.


  • Length: 120 m (1000 feet confirmed when a captain was sucked to the ship)
  • Weight: 40,000 t
  • OriginStrait of Magellan
Powers and Weapons
  • Storage: Barrack Ship can store other ships within itself.
  • Cannons: Barrack Ship has many cannons around its body to prevent enemies from getting too close.
  • Magnets: Due to the Queens ship carring a mangnetic substance, Barrack Ship used it as a advantage to suck ships with its magnets.
  • Wires: Barrack Ship's computer core possesses a large amount of wires that it can strangely control to tangle victims that breach the ship's interior. These wires could keep a victim tied to a space and could travel through pipes.


Ultraman 80


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