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Barebadon (バレバドン Barebadon) is a massive winged monster that appeared in Ultraman 80.

Subtitle: Zero Monster Bird (ゼロ戦怪鳥 Zerosen Kechō)


Ultraman 80

Barebadon was a space bird that files towards a valley every fifty to sixty years. A kid named Takeo lost his plane toy that worked so hard to buy it for, so the UGM went out to find it. An old man told the kid and his dad that he saw the plane where the space bird was. The old man was scaring Takeo and his dad but the former got distracted by the space bird's roar and saw it flying then the UGM came and were looking for the monster, then the kid was messing with his controller until on accident he flew Barebadon as the space bird roared, scaring the UGM. He found out that Barebadon ate the toy plane and got the boy to control him. The kid then decided to play around with the monster more using his controller and he got on the monster after he landed and flew around Tokyo while the monster laid giant eggs that cracked on impact.

The kid was having a lot of fun with the monster flying around and saying hi to whoever he saw, but when Barebadon spotted a crow, he tried to eat it, but spat the plane that controlled him in the first place. Now out of control, Takeo was at the mercy of the monster until Takeshi Yamato transformed into Ultraman 80 and chased the monster throughout the skies until Takeo couldn't hold on any longer and plummeted towards the ground until 80 saved him. In the end, the Ultra didn't have to fight the monster because it quickly flew off towards the next planet, while it wondered about what it swallowed earlier.


  • The roars Barebadon emits are actually parts of Rodan's roar, mainly the roar that would go on to be used for Megalon.
  • Barebadon is one of the few Ultra kaiju to never be in combat since the first appearance of an Ultra.


Aducken barebadon-removebg.png
  • Length: 60 m
  • Weight: 15,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Thanks to his four wings, Barebadon can fly through the air at high speeds.
  • Eggs: Being a type of bird, It can lay eggs, this also shows that Barebadon maybe a female.



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