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"Though Yapool may die... Terrible-Monsters live on!"

―Baraba, The Last Hero

Baraba[2][3] (バラバ) is a Terrible-Monster from Ultraman Ace. It debuted in episode 13 and was later killed off by Ultraman Ace in the next episode.

Subtitle: Hitman Terrible-Monster (殺し屋超獣 Koroshi-ya Chōjū lit. Killer Terrible-Monster)[2][3]


Ultraman Ace

Baraba was one of Yapool's Terrible-Monster that Yapool had specifically planned to be used in his latest effort to kill Ultraman Ace. It was created by Yapool via combination of a space monster and the larva of a swallowtail butterfly. Baraba's attack was first felt upon the older brother of a young boy, killing him. Later, Ultraman Ace was called into action by an Ultra Sign by the Ultra Brothers, who were on their way to investigate Planet Golgotha. As Ace left to join his garrison, Yapool released Baraba onto Earth, who quickly went into smashing cars, buildings, and whatever laid in his path, with only little opposition in the form of TAC. It was also soon discovered that the investigation on Golgotha was a trap to kill the Ultra Brothers by Yapool, while Ace managed to escape thanks to some convincing, Ultraman, Zoffy, Ultraseven, and Ultraman Jack were crucified on the planet. He returned to Earth afterwards and face the same monster but the tide of the battle was in Yapool's favor, who threatened to end the lives of the Ultra Brothers if Ace were to kill Baraba, forcing Ace to admit defeat and return to his hosts.

Baraba's brutal death

With Ace having travelled to Golgotha to save his comrades, Baraba returned to the city the next day, with his only opposition being TAC. TAC's members fought Baraba as best as they could, but were unable to slow Baraba's advance and attack. Once Ace rescued the Ultra Brothers and stopped Ace Killer, he returned to Earth to settle the score with Baraba and put an end to Yapool's latest strategy. Baraba tried to kill Ace by shooting his Sword at the Ultra, but Ace caught the sword and threw it back, impaling Baraba through the torso. Ace then rushed forwards, and delivered a blow to the back of the beast's head, dislodging its eyes and leaving the monster dashing about in intense pain. Ace then detached Baraba's ax-hand with a strike to the beast's arm, caught it, and charged, slicing the Terrible-Monster's head off as he rushed past. Amidst great cheering from TAC and civilians, Ace flew off to recover. Execution! The Five Ultra Brothers The Five Stars that Scattered Throughout the Galaxy


Ultraman Taro

Although not physically seen, his arms and weaponry are part of Tyrant, a monster who was created/combined by the souls of one of the past defeated monsters.

Ultraman Ginga

Baraba participated in the Dark Spark War fighting alongside various monsters against Ultras until he was turned into a Spark Doll by Dark Lugiel. He was first seen as a Spark Doll being dug by Hikaru Raido after detecting him with the Ginga Spark. Alien Icarus then stole the Spark Doll after Hikaru gave it to Misuzu Isurugi. Icarus then DarkLived himself as well as Baraba, Red King, Seagorath, King Crab, Bemstar, and Hanzagiran to form Tyrant. After Tyrant was defeated by Hikaru as Ultraman Tiga and Tomoya Ichijouji as Jean-Nine, all of the monsters, including Baraba, were turned back into Spark Dolls and were the collected by Hikaru and his friends.

In episode 7, him along with many other monsters are seen cheering Ultraman Ginga on as he fights Dark Galberos.

It is likely that he returned to space in his original form after Ultraman Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel.


  • In the special Ginga the Live!, Baraba appears along with many of the other Tyrant monsters (except Alien Icarus) to help host along with Gomora and Alien Godola.

Ultraman Z


A wandering member of Yapool's Terrible-Monsters, Baraba launched an attack on Earth while his master was still inanimate, having not yet revived after his most recent defeat. After creating a portal to Earth, Baraba was confronted by STORAGE, but began focussing its attack entirely on Haruki Natsukawa, as he initially thought the host was Ultraman Ace because of the signals being given off by the Ace Medal. Haruki transformed into Z, but was beaten down by the Terrible-Monster and was nearly killed by Baraba after he prepared to execute him by bringing his sword down towards his chest.

Baraba's split death

Just in time, Ace arrived to rescue his godson, knocking the sword out of the way with his Circular Guillotine. Baraba then fought the two Ultras together, and after a drawn out battle in which Baraba shrugged off most of Ace and Z's attacks, he was eventually killed after Ace gave the energy of his Space Q to combine with Z's own energy to create the extremely powerful Space Z. As Baraba fell, bisected and with his eyes burst out of their sockets, in his dying breath he exclaimed that though Yapool was still dead, the Terrible-Monsters would continue to fight on. Following the death of Baraba, his sword was left behind, which Yuka Ohta discovered to have the ability to cut through the barriers between dimensions and access new ones. The Last Hero

Some time later, materials and information gathered from Baraba's Terrible Sword was used to construct the D4 superweapon. D4


  • Voice actor: Holly Kaneko
  • According to episode director Takanori Tsujimoto, Baraba's Death Missile Shot and Snake Hell Thunder were inherited from Verokron's Zenmestro Attack and Jumbo King's Eye Lightning respectively.[4]
  • Baraba's final words of how Terrible-Monsters will live on despite Yapool's death is a paraphrase from Giant Yapool's final words after being defeated by Ace in his home dimension in episode 23.
  • Its Terrible Sword being what remains of Baraba after its defeat acts as a grave marker for the monster's destruction.[5]


Ultraman Ace Baraba render.png
  • Height: 75 m
  • Weight: 85,000 t
  • Origin: Alternate Dimension → Tokyo
  • Weakness: Though Baraba's weaponry is extremely effective when used up close, it is not infallible; an opponent with sufficient perception and reflexes can catch Baraba's sword in mid-flight, and a strong blow to Baraba's spiked hand can force the weapon from its socket, in both cases allowing the opponent to use these weapons as their own.
Powers and Weapons
  • Death Mega Fire (デスメガファイヤー Desu Mega Faiyā): Like most of Yapool's Terrible-Monsters, Baraba can fire a stream of flames from his mouth. In Ultraman Z, Baraba shoots the stream of fire from his nostril aperture instead.
  • Hook Claw (カギ爪 Kagi Tsume)/Terrible Chain (テリブルチェーン Teriburu Chēn): Baraba can fire out a chained grappling hook from his mace hand, with the spiked hand serving as a tensor. This chain can then coil around an enemy. This weapon, along with Baraba's spiked hand, is re-used by Tyrant as the Impulse Anchor and Despotic Hammer.
  • Terrible Sword (テリブルソード Teriburu Sōdo): A blade attached to its head.
    • Sword Flashes: Baraba can create paralyzing flashes of light emitting from the sword on his head.
    • Sword Launch: Baraba can fire the sword attached to the back of his head like a missile. This sword can travel at low to moderate speeds through the air, yet can hit opponents with a great deal of force. In Ultraman Z a blue beam connects the sword's hilt to Baraba's horn, allowing Baraba to control the sword's direction and trajectory after launching it.
  • Tail: Baraba's tail splits into three pieces near the end of it. It can be used to strangle foes.
Ultraman Z
  • Snake Hell Thunder (スネークヘルサンダー Sunēku Heru Sandā): Baraba can fire yellow lightning from his eyes. The strength of Baraba's eye beams almost rivals Ace's Metalium Beam.
  • Death Missile Shot (デスミサイルショット Desu Misairu Shotto): Baraba can fire a varying number of missile volleys from his head, exiting via the nostril aperture above his jaw.
  • Portals: By channelling energy through his sword, Baraba can create a small portal to transport projectiles and beam attacks launched against him into a different dimension, thus avoiding them. Using the same energy which opened the portal he used to gain access to Earth, Baraba can launch a bolt of light purple-colored energy from the portal, capable of knocking down Ultras and critically damaging King Joe STORAGE Custom. This technique appears to be a variant of Baraba's Sword Flashes, as a similar pattern of lights appears around Baraba's sword and the location of the portal just before it opens.

Spark Doll

"DarkLive, Red King! Seagorath! Bemstar! Hanzagiran! King Crab! Baraba! Icarus Seijin! Gattai, Tyrant!"

―DarkLive announcements for Baraba and other Spark Dolls as Tyrant via the Dark Dummy Spark.
Barabas spark doll.png

Baraba became a Spark Doll in the conclusion of the Dark Spark War due to the Dark Spark's powers. His Spark Doll was found by Alien Icarus and used to re-create the Kaiju Tyrant. Eventually, all of Tyrant's sets of Spark Dolls claimed by Hikaru when said monster defeated. After Dark Lugiel's defeat, Baraba was freed from the curse the befell him and along with other former victims, returned to their homeworlds.

  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Baraba was used by Alien Icarus with other Spark Dolls and himself to become Tyrant. Eventually, the monster was defeated by the combined forces of Hikaru/Ultraman Tiga and Tomoya/Jean-Nine.


Baraba was released once in the Ultra Monster Series. He is 5.5 in tall and has 3 points of articulation. His coloring is off a little because he is black with a blue belly highlight and is pink and purple on his head. In 2013, he is released as part of the Ultra Monster 500 series. He is 5 inches tall and has a more accurate color design to him and is #18 in the series.


Ultraman Ace

Ultraman Z



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