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Banila (バニラ Banira) was one of two ancient Kaiju that were released in episode 19 of Ultraman. A monster whose rivalry with the fellow ancient monster Aboras has persisted for centuries, the original Banila was sealed away by humans in the distant past, but was released after scientists found and inadvertently activated the capsule he had been contained in. The weaker of the two monsters, Banila was quickly defeated by Aboras, who would later be destroyed by Ultraman.

Subtitle: Red Fire Monster (赤色火焔怪獣 Sekishoku Kaen Kaijū)



Banila is one of two ancient devil beasts sealed away eons ago and the archenemies of Aboras. The destructive twin behemoths remained trapped within their capsules until the container for both capsules was unearthed, Banila's having fallen out. While Aboras’s capsule was taken by the Science Patrol, Banila’s accidentally got transported to the dump were the dirt from the excavation was taken. During a storm one night, Banila's capsule was struck by lightning, Banila was released.

Aboras and Banila having their showdown

Banila immediately set about his path of destruction once more. The Science Patrol began attacking Banila, trying to stop it from entering the city but with no success. The military arrived to try to stop Banila but they too were no match for the ancient devil beast. After Aboras was released from his capsule, both instinctive rivals met at the Olympics grounds and battled viciously. Both Banila and Aboras appeared to be evenly matched in both physical strength and special abilities. However once the Science Patrol arrived, they focused their efforts on finishing off Banila since he was attacked the most. Soon enough while Aboras was distracted, the Science Patrol shot out one of Banila's eyes, weakening Banila greatly and allowing Aboras to finish it off with its acidic foam, dissolving its flesh reducing Banila to nothing. Demons Rise Again


  • Banila's roar was a sped up version of the Toho monster, Anguirus.
  • In the original screenplay, Banila was to team up with Aboras and battle with Ultraman.
  • The body of Banila's suit would later be used for the monster Imola in the series Kaiju Booska.
  • Banila looks like a cross between a pig and Red King.
  • Banila's ghost was seen in the Monster Graveyard in episode 21 of Ultraman Mebius.
  • This episode was later featured in episode 54 of Ultraman Retsuden, "Demons Rise Again! Aboras vs. Banilla!!".
  • Banila is one of few monsters that Ultraman does not fight.
  • In Daiji Kazumine's 1967 manga Ultraman, Banilla fought Ultraman soon after its rebirth. Its flame attack on Ultraman made him a full-body fire doll. Banilla's powerful flame melted Ultraman's arms, flanks, and left thigh into icicles, and even offset the Spacium Beam.


Banila in The☆Ultraman

Banila reappeared in episode 27 of the series The☆Ultraman.

Yet another Baladon kaiju, Banila was unleashed alongside Aboras and the pair instantly began to battle. After trading blows like gigantic boxers, the pair was interrupted by the Science Garrison’s bombing of the alien island. When the flames died, Ultraman Joneus was in the midst of combating Red King. Banila and Aboras moved in to aid the island's strongest monster, but a quick shot of his Planium Beam, Joneus instantly destroyed both Aboras and Banila. The Flying Monster Island!


  • In this series, Banila has a more armored back, resembling a stegosaurus. It also has giant claws perfect for burrowing.

Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

Banila in Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

Banila reappeared in the series Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.

Much like their original counterparts, Banila and Aboras were locked away long ago in special sarcophaguses (rather than capsules) After Banila's sarcophagus was found, WINR translated the hieroglyphics and revealed the warning of the existence of the two devil kaiju. Fortunately, they could only emerge if their sarcophaguses were exposed to certain sounds. After WINR found out Aboras released, Banila's sarcophagus was released as well.

The two devil Kaiju met in a Los Angeles neighborhood on the outskirts of the main city where they began to battle. Aboras seemed to have won the battle with his melting liquid until Banila used "acidic reformation" to continue his attack. As the two devil Kaiju fought each other again, Kenichi Kai turned into Ultraman Powered. During the battle, WINR used a special machine to emit 23,000 herts, greatly weakening both devil Kaiju and allowed Powered to destroy Aboras and then Banila with the Mega Spacium Beam. Devils from the Crypts


  • In this series, Banila's roar is a sped up Varan roar.
  • Banila also possessed a rather odd ability to reform completely, even after being destroyed. This is seen when he melts from Aboras's acid, only to return minutes later. However, this ability is not present when he is destroyed by Powered's Mega Spacium Beam.
    • It is possible that the reason Banila didn't reform after being hit by Powered's Mega Spacium Beam is because his weakness (highfrequency sounds) could have prevented him from using his reformation ability.

Ultraman Ginga

In episode 7, him along with Aboras and several other monsters are seen cheering on Ultraman Ginga as he fights Dark Galberos.

It is likely that Banila returned to space in his original form after Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel.

Ultraman X

Aboras + Banila X.png

Banila was among the dormant Spark Dolls on Earth, but after a strange solar flare bathed the Earth, it like others, was awoken. Banila was first seen attacking its nemesis, Aboras in Moscow, specifically near the Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Banila capsule activated

350 million years ago, Aboras and Banila were sealed in two capsules containing them as blue and red liquids respectively. Their captors also left behind notes, indicating that their blood was poisonous and that their foam and flame attacks can counteract each other. Their capsules were uncovered at separate construction sites a year ago, and stored at a Sizuma Foundation research center.

Aboras against Banila in present day

During Ultraman Trigger's battle against Barriguiler, a wayward shot of the monster's lightning struck their ancient capsules, deztabilising their containment. Kengo Manaka and Akito Hijiri were dispatched from GUTS-Select to secure the capsules, but they suddenly went haywire. Both Aboras and Banila emerged, and began fighting each other on sight. Kengo was caught in Aboras' foam attack, and seemingly disappeared. While figuring out how to counter them, Akito was approached by Ignis, who helped him uncode the ancient civilization's notes on the two monsters. He then uncuffed Ignis and gave him back the Black Sparklence, allowing him to transform into Trigger Dark again to fight against Aboras and Banila. Trigger Dark then forced Banila to launch its flames at Aboras' foam, freeing Kengo who transformed into Ultraman Trigger. They teamed up against the two monsters and destroyed them at the same time, while unleashing light to purify the toxic substances released from the monsters' bodies upon their destruction. Demons Rampage Again


  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 20,000 t
  • Origin: Underground
Powers and ​Weapons
  • Flames: Banila can fire a stream of flames from his mouth.
Ultraman Trigger
  • Pestilence Blood: Through an unknown process, Banila's blood is highly toxic, and would disperse should the monster be destroyed, unless care is taken to neutralize the chemicals responsible.

Banila Joneus.png
Powers and ​Weapons
  • Flame: Like the original Banila, it can also exhale flame from its mouth.

Powered Banila
Banila Powered II.png
  • Height: 65 m
  • Weight: 30,000 t
  • Origin: Underground
  • Weakness: High frequency sounds can stun Powered Banila.
Powers and Weapons
  • Flames: Powered Banila can fire a stream of flames from his mouth.
  • Reform: Should Banila’s body be completely destroyed, he can instantly reform a few minutes later should there be any sort of remnants of him left.


Banila toys (leftmost: unpainted promo ver.)

Banila was released by Bandai in their Ultra Monster Series in 1998, both in the numbered and un-numbered tags. Banila sports 4 points of articulation and was made in a bright red vinyl and a Promotional Unpainted figure was also released, he stands at 6in tall. Powered Banila, on the other hand, was also released, this Banila stands at 7in tall and is also bright red. Banila was labeled number 38 in the series.


Banila is pretty rare, he is part of a red pack series.




Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero

Ultraman X

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga


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