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The Bader Group (バデル族 Baderu-zoku) were a barbaric tribe born from a race of reptiles that evolved into humanoid-like bodies. They appeared in episodes 20 and 21 of The☆Ultraman.

Subtitle: Atrocious Alien (凶悪星人 Kyōaku Seijin)



A squad of Baders upon briefly capturing Amia

Old enemies of the inhabitants of U40, the Baders attempted to conquer the galaxy many times only to fail at the hands of the Ultra Warriors time and again. However, after Ultraman Joneus was killed by exhausting himself against one of their experiments on Earth and needed to be revived, the Baders sought this opportunity to launch a full assault on U40 with their entire arsenal. The Ultra Warriors, lead by Loto and Elek, barely managed to hold their own, although when the battle was moving more toward orbit, the Baders unleashed their colossus Bagon to terminate the civilians of their underground city. Once Joneus was revived, he set his sights on their asteroid-sized ball-like battle station and proceeded to annihilated from the inside. Upon the base's destruction, the Bader Group were finally destroyed for good with Bagon following shortly after.


  • During the space battle the Bader language was heard, picked up by Amia's ship. She explained that due to the alien nature of the Bader compared to the Ultras, translation of this language was impossible for them.
    • The implication is that their conflict was simply due to the antithetical nature between each species, which lines up with statement that the Bader started the conflict.


  • Height: 2.68 m
  • Weight: 631 kg
Powers and Weapons
  • Bader Star (バデルスター Baderu Sutā): The Bader Group's home planet-turned planetary scale battle station.
  • Ray Gun: Baders are equipped with a ray gun.
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