Babubomura (バブボムラー Babubomurā), Shibomura (シーボムラー Shībomurā), and Sanbomura (サンボムラー Sanbomurā) are three crustacean-like monsters that appeared in the Ultraman Zearth PS1 game.

Subtitle: Crust-shell Monster (甲殻怪獣 Kōkaku Kaijū)

  • Height: 65 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Benzene


The Babubomuras are residents of Planet Benzene, and arrived on Earth when Alien Benzene traveled to it, having probably followed him on his travels towards the Solar System.


  • While all three are palette swaps, their design pays homage to fellow Ultraman Zearth monster, Darklar.


Powers and Weapons
  • Acid: Babubomura can spit highly corrosive acid from his mandibles.

Powers and Weapons
  • Water: From his claws and mandibles, Shibomura can spit a highly pressurized water stream.

Powers and Weapons
  • Bubbles: Sanbomura can spit highly explosive bubbles from his mouth.

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