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Awakening of Zero is the second and last episode of Ultra Zero Fight.


Part Plot
1 The fight between Zero and Gurashie was reviewed by the Darkness Five, who wanted to target the Ultra for their leader's sake. After saving a group of Fanegon People and quelling King Silvergon's reign of terror, Zero was visited by the Mother of Ultra, alerting him that the Ultimate Force Zero were attacked. The pair rushed to the Mighty Base to discover Glen Fire and Mirror Knight as petrified bronze statues. As the Mother of Ultra slowly approached Zero...
2 He blocked her hand and revealed that the female Ultra is simply an impostor. The latter revealed himself as Alien Hipporit Jatar, having petrified the rest of Ultimate Force Zero and that the young Ultra's is slowly joining them with his right fist petrified. Zero beat the alien nonetheless and killed him with Gulnate Buster. The bronze petrifaction wore off on Zero's part, but Villainous introduced himself with his Tyrant, forming the Fiendish Tag Team.
3 The duo weakened Zero and started to belittle Jatar for being incompetent, but Villainous' dishonesty in friendship infuriated Zero into assuming Strong Corona Zero. Sly appears through a hologram to relay his message for Zero; showing the Pigmon he befriended under the Darkness Five's captivity.
4 Sly simply relay his location to Zero, the Monster Graveyard before disappearing. Grocken and Deathlogue joined Villainous to assassinate the Ultra when he was trapped. The rest of Ultimate Force Zero appeared after being freed from Jatar's bronze petrifaction...
5 The team volunteered to take care of the Darkness Five, allowing Zero to race for the Monster Graveyard. Sly confirmed his relation to Gurashie engaged against Zero with their weapons.
6 Sly tried to kill Pigmon on the spot, only for Zero to assume Luna Miracle and saved his friend at the last minute. All members of the Ultimate Force Zero and Darkness Five continue their fight against each others.
7 Zero reached to Pigmon to check its wellbeing. Sly complimented the Ultra and decided to unveil his master, the Armored Darkness. Zero sensed a familiarity with the sentient armor, but said armor's helmet removed and stomped over. Sly proclaimed his master as Kaiser Darkness, who in truth is the returned Ultraman Belial.
8 After dismissing Zero's question about his return, Belial decided to engage in a fight using the Armored Darkness' arsenals at his disposal. As Sly explained, Belial's spirit made it to the Monster Graveyard where he merged with the Armored Darkness into his new body. Zero quickly dons the Ultimate Aegis armor...
9 and both sides draw their swords against each others, but Sly senses an interesting thing is about to happen. The Ultimate Zero Sword pierced the Armored Darkness, causing parts of it to scatter on the ground while the torso armor remain skewered to his sword. At that point, Belial's spirit possessed Zero, bringing him to the ongoing fight of their respective forces. The black-colored "Zero" appears and destroyed both Jean-bot and the Mighty Base in a single shot.
10 Belial has taken over Zero's body, now calling himself as Zero Darkness. With Jean-bot already destroyed from shielding Jean-nine, Zero Darkness begins to fight the Ultimate Force Zero members one-by-one as Sly and Pigmon bear witness the ensuing fight. Just like how Mirror Knight was purified, he tried to do the same to Zero, only to receive a blast on his face.
11 The Darkness Five backed down from the fight, preferring to enjoy the sight of their leader's demonstration of power. Zero's spirit watched helplessly as Belial continues to slaughter his comrades. With Mirror Knight killed, Jean-nine makes a fruitless attempt at retaliation, but was killed by Dark Zero Twin Shoot, causing him to be split into half.
12 Glen Fire was the last to be executed, and Zero finally succumbs into internal despair as Belial claims full control of the body, ready to lead the Darkness Five in their conquest. The spirits of Ultimate Force Zero depart to afterlife, but not before sending their regards to Zero.
13 Pigmon stops the team on their track. Zero Darkness try to execute the small creature, but to his surprise, Zero's spirit held him from doing so. Zero's spirit transform into a glittering form as he chastises Belial's decision to torment others instead of protecting them.
14 Once he expels Belial's spirit, Zero's new form appears in place of Zero Darkness. While Belial's spirit disappearing, Zero uses his power to reverse the time flow.
15 Zero returns to his original form exhausted, but the revived Ultimate Force Zero was there to catch him. Unfortunately for Zero, he lost recollection of what happened prior. The team decided to bring Pigmon to Emerana and each members try to pick up suitable names for it.

In the epilogue, Zero's temporal reversal ability restore Belial to his corporeal form. Belial swears to make himself stronger and bring the entire universe to his knees.

An additional scene (omitted from the original release) has Jatar being resurrected in the same way as Belial, finding himself in confusion of what had happened.




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