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Awaken Asuka (目覚めよアスカ Mezame yo Asuka) is the third episode of Ultraman Dyna.


An asteroid lands on Earth, containing monsters that could explode if attacked carelessly, proving to be a major obstacle for Shin's recklessness.


From outer space, a glowing, green asteroid fell to Earth. Meanwhile, the members of Super GUTS undertook a shooting training course, where Shin and Ryo were to work as a team to shoot targets quickly. Shin repeatedly rushed ahead, ignoring Ryo completely. When it was over, Shin had achieved a new record, but Ryo was unimpressed and berated him for his cockiness.

Super GUTS then discovered the meteorite and worked out it was an egg. The egg hatched, revealing three worm-like monsters. Shin, who was patrolling nearby in a ship, was told to collect data and be on standby, but he ignored his orders and exterminated two of the monsters. Captain Hibiki admonished him for acting on his feelings, while the group told him that he only defeated two of the three monsters.

The next day, Super GUTS discussed yesterday's monster, naming it Cyclometra. Nakajima revealed that the creature contains an antimatter sac that could produce a highly destructive explosion if it fuses with another creature. The monster Grossyna then appeared, a beast that disappeared underground after being attacked by GUTS ten years ago. It had been brought back by the Cyclometra, which had burrowed inside it. Kohda realized that if they attack carelessly, Grossnya would explode. Shin ignored orders once again and landed his ship to transform into Ultraman Dyna. He attempted to use the Lieflasher, but nothing happened, much to Shin's confusion. Defenceless on the ground, Grossnya fired a fireball at him, causing Hibiki to fly his ship in front and take the fireball to save Shin.

After Kohda admonished Shin for his foolish behaviour, Nakajima explained that Cyclometra's explosions launch its eggs to other planets, inadvertently destroying them in the process. This cycle would repeat where the eggs land, causing countless planets to be destroyed. The TPC organised a plan to defeat Cylclometra in which Shin took up the crucial role of firing a luring wave. When Grossyna emerged again, they conducted the plan, luring the monster away from the city, restraining its arms with laser ropes and shooting a special laser through its chest. However, Cyclometra quickly healed the wound and the beast wreaked havoc.

An injured Captain Hibiki arrived to assist Shin in fighting the enemy, but was once again hit by Grossyna. Hibiki was sent unconciousness as his ship rapidly descended to the ground. Shin desparately tried to save Hibiki, causing him to transform into Ultraman Dyna who successfully catched and carefully placed the ship down. Dyna then battled the monster and the enemy almost overpowered him. He blasted the monster with the Solgent Beam, causing Cyclometra to erupt from Grossnya's body, but Dyna quickly used the Flash Cycler to destroy it too.

In the end, Shin played catch with Captain Hibiki, while Mai and Ryo agreed they are similar people.


  • Shin Asuka (アスカ・シン Asuka Shin): Takeshi Tsuruno (つるの 剛士 Tsuruno Takeshi)
  • Gousuke Hibiki (ヒビキ・ゴウスケ Hibiki Gōsuke): Ryo Kinomoto (木之元 亮 Kinomoto Ryō)
  • Toshiyuki Kohda (コウダ・トシユキ Kōda Toshiyuki): Toshikazu Fukawa (布川 敏和 Fukawa Toshikazu)
  • Ryo Yumimura (ユミムラ・リョウ Yumimura Ryō): Risa Saito (斉藤 りさ Saitō Risa)
  • Kouhei Kariya (カリヤ・コウヘイ Kariya Kōhei): Takao Kase (加瀬 尊朗 Kase Takao)
  • Tsutomu Nakajima (ナカジマ・ツトム Nakajima Tsutomu): Joe Onodera (小野寺 丈 Onodera Jō)
  • Mai Midorikawa (ミドリカワ・マイ Midorikawa Mai): Mariya Yamada (山田 まりや Yamada Mariya)




Home Media

  • Ultraman Dyna Volume 1 features episodes 1-4.

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