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Attack of Evil (邪悪襲来 Jaaku Shūrai) is the twenty-eighth episode of Ultraman Max.


A terrible alien, Luganoger, attacks an earth-like planet and exterminates all its inhabitants but one. She flees to earth, but the monster follows, and Max must stop it.


An earth-like planet is destroyed by Luganoger, and Lilika flees to earth, pursued by the monster. On earth, Kaito is visiting with a school trip, when they are notified a boy is missing. They are also told a girl called Lilika went to find him. Kaito and some others set out to find the boy.

Lilika uses telepathy to discover the miscreant, who is hurt and unconscious. She doctors him, using her alien powers to heal a wound, as Kaito searches. Elly detects the energy briefly, and Mizuki is sent to investigate as the captain messages Kaito, telling him of the energy.

Kaito finds the boy as Lilika wakens him. When Mizuki arrives, they find nothing unusual. At Base Titan, Elly picks up a mysterious signal from space: a warning from a planet annihilated by an evil. Lilika senses Luganoger drawing near, and is terrified. She tells Kaito she is an alien, and that she feels a strong light emanating from him.

Luganoger destroys a satellite, and DASH deploys. Mizuki evacuates the school, leaving Kaito and Lilika, who tells him to defend earth. Kaito tells her he lost his parents to a tragedy, and then she also evacuates. As they leave, Luganoger lands. DASH attacks, but is no match for the monster. Kaito transforms.

Max is nearly overwhelmed, but manages to defeat the monster. Lilika asks Kaito to promise to continue protecting the earth, calling him Ultraman Max, and the episode ends.






Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 8 features episodes 27-30.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 16, 2017
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