Attack Kemular From Behind, known in Japan as His Name Is Ultraman (その名はウルトラマン Sono Na wa Urutoraman), is the second episode of Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


While WINR tries to ascertain the implications of the recent Baltan attack and the appearance of the silver and red giant, farmers in a rural community begin reporting that their cattle have been disappearing. WINR launches the Mobile Transport Carrier (MTC), their large roving command center and discovers that the animal disappearances are being caused by a creature burrowing under the ground. Beck determines that the creature is called Kemular and that it first appeared in Asia twenty years ago, causing similar problems. When WINR attempts to drive Kemular to the surface, it takes Kai and his alien alter ego (Ultraman Powered) to defeat the monster. Before Kemular was about to attack the hikers, Powered attacked him and began to do battle. Powered then held back Kemular's appendages, allowing WINR to fire a missile at his brain and killed Kemular.







  • A practical sparking device can be seen on Powered's leg before it explodes.


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