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Atsushi Koyama (XIG Team Seagull) is a character in Ultraman Gaia. He is portrayed by Shunsuke Gondo.


Koyama is reputated as an experienced rescuer who can react quickly to hazardous situations. Contrary to his gentle appearance shown during the most of time, he demonstrates a strong mentality whenever he is on duty.


Koyama joined a NGO based in the war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina and became a voluntary rescuer there at the age of 18. During an unspecific period prior to his career at XIG, Koyama also worked as a rescuer in Cambodia.


  • According to the "Early Character Plan" edited by Chiaki J. Konaka, Koyama is born in Samani, Hokkaido.
  • His actor Shunsuke Gondo is famously known for his role as the suit actor (slimmer form) for Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Gaia.
  • Since Gondo has the prominent roles in Gaia Again OVA , Koji Nakamura played in a suit for both V2 and Supreme Version for Ultraman Gaia.