Asami Agata (アガタ・アサミ Agata Asami) was Kyosuke Agata's wife, who appeared in Ultraseven X.


Asami first met Kyosuke at a cinema, the poor man was out in the rain with no memory of why he was there. Later they were married and lead a happy life until one day, they witnessed a drug smuggling syndicate lead by a man called Sameo.

Unfortunately, both of them were captured and Kyosuke was shot by Sameo. However he revived, and awoke to his true nature as a murderous alien, Hupnath. The alien mercilessly killed several drug dealers before he unintentionally killed his wife while Sameo and the rest escaped.

This would eventually lead Kyosuke into becoming a mentally troubled person where he had twisted his own memory of his wife being Hupnath instead and later posed as her to hunt more of the drug dealers every time a thunderstorm occurred, all of this because he was too emotionally weak to admit that he himself had killed her. Kyosuke's rampage would finally end when Jin/Ultraseven X killed him via his Eye Slugger ad Emerium Beam.

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