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Arumazigon (アルマジゴン Arumajigon) is an armadillo-based monster that appears in Jumborg Ace.

Subtitle: Armadillo Monster (アルマジロ怪獣 Arumajiro Kaijū)


Jumborg Ace

Arumazigon was used by Mad Go-Ne to instantly freeze a Self Defense Force base in the middle of the day. The base was breaking over time, Naoki was sent to deliver a device to help them. Arumazigon spotted Naoki driving and proceeded to attack him, starting with his ball form followed by an attempt to stomp on him. PAT arrived to distract the beast with a barrage of missiles, but the armadillo monster rolled up and quickly retreated. Mad Go-Ne became furious by the setback to his plan. A large squad of Alien Gross attacked Naoki, but PAT eventually took them out. This forced Arumazigon to pursue him once again. Naoki used his car to summon Jumborg 9 to fight Arumazigon. The armadillo monster quickly gained the upperhand thanks to a combination of ranged attacks and his clubbed tail. The robot hero kept fighting, but the beast had armor too thick to keep him down. Aruzamigon kept fighting until Jumborg 9 used a combination of projectiles to make him spin around and explode.


  • Arumazigon's roar comes from the Toho monster, Rodan.


  • Height: 61 m
  • Weight: 35,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Ball Form: Being based on an armadillo, Arumazigon can roll into a ball and plow into enemies. This form also allows him to launch missiles and fly.
  • Energy Ray: Arumazigon can fire a blue energy ray from the jewel above his head.
  • Clubbed Tail: Arumazigon has a clubbed tail that is ideal for bashing enemies.
  • Missiles: Arumazigon can launch missiles from each hip.
  • Armor: Arumazigon has armor thick enough to make average attacks against him useless.
  • Freezing Breath: Arumazigon can freeze objects and enemies using his breath.
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