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Aruma (アルマ) is a planet studying alien who appeared in Ultraman 80.

Subtitle: Planet Researcher (惑星調査員 Wakusei Chōsa-in)


Ultraman 80

Many years ago, Aruma and Ultraman 80 used to be friends who would trick each other. In its present day, her and her monster Jakki went to Earth to study it and its inhabitence. She was seen in Takeshi Yamato's room and soon found her two students looking for test answers. She then introduced herself as Yamato's supposed "wife" and to help them with the test gave them a "magic pencil" (actually an ordinary pencil), said to remember and write down words and even help them get 100% marks in tests. The next day, rumors spread of Yamato's wife and got into trouble, meanwhile Jakki was sent to study human behavior, but found him absorbing negative behavior such as two men fighting over a car crash, and with this was absorbed with negative energy and was soon eaten by an elephant, turning it into the monster Zuruzla. The monster soon rampaged and Yamato knowing the problem became Ultraman 80. He then shrinked down to a small size and fought Jakki in his body. After a long battle 80 then managed to knock him down and used his Eye Shot to calm him. Aruma then called for him and both returned out of the elephant. After healing Aruma and Jakki returned back home with their studies and thanked him and hoped to see him again.


  • Actress: Mariko Endo
  • In the Ultra P Ultraman Land puppet shows, Aruma is re-worked as a childhood friend of Ultraman 80.


  • Height: 1.58 m
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Origin: Planet R(?)
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Aruma can fly as a means of traveling through stars.
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