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Aroza (アロザ) is a Kaiju who appeared in the series, Mirrorman.

Subtitle: Ancient Dinosaur (古代恐竜 Kodai Kyōryū)



Aroza was an ancient dinosaur that died and his fossils where shown in the National Science Museum. Then when the Invaders arrived on Earth, they stole the Aroza fossils and revived it making it to cause chaos. The night he was first spotted both the SGM and Self Defense Force rushed in with the latter attacking him with jet fighters. During the rampage Kyotaro turned into Mirrorman to fight the giant dinosaur. Aroza held him off with lasers followed by Mirrorman tackling him. The Mirror Knife was soon used only for the beams to be absorbed into the monster's eyes. Before long Aroza gained the upper hand and used several shots from his mouth lasers to fend off the hero until he fled into the second dimension, allowing the giant dinosaur to walk off to the bottom of the sea.

The next day Aroza returned at dusk near a Self Defense Force base that had been a frequent obstacle for the Invaders. The giant dinosaur shot down jet fighters guarding it while an old fisherman that blamed Aroza for killing off the fish faced him with a harpoon. Kyotaro tried to stop the fisherman while Aroza used a fire ball to stun him using the shockwave. He begged Kyotaro to fight him to save the fish. As the giant dinosaur rampaged, Kyotaro turned into Mirrorman using the ocean. The giants tackled one another in close combat followed by Aroza using fireballs. Mirrorman then proceeded to throw the giant dinosaur and reflect his fire balls back at him. The fight came to an end after a Mirror Slicer was used to blind Aroza and the Silver Cross finished him off.


  • Designer: Tetsuzo Osawa.
  • Aroza seemed to be Mirrorman's monster who broke away from Mirrorman alot, appearing with Fireman monster, Dark Mender in the 36th episode of Toei's Space Sheriff Gavan, constantly appearing in Mirror Fight and even joining in on the UltraLand stage shows.
  • Aroza's roar is a slightly slowed down Godzilla roar.

Mirror Fight

Aroza appeared in episodes 5, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30 and 55 of Mirror Fight. Unlike the majority of the monsters in this series, all of Aroza's fights were newly filmed and not stock footage.


  • Height: 47 m
  • Weight: 57,000 t
  • Origin: National Science Museum
Powers and Weapons
  • Lasers: Aroza can fire red explosive lasers from his mouth. These can also be used as fireballs.
  • Beam Absorption: Aroza can absorb beams as strong as Mirrorman's Mirror Knife into his eyes. He absorbs and solidifies light to generate his laser beams.
  • Adept Swimmer: Aroza can swim at low speeds while underwater.
  • Polluting Body: Aroza can emit pollution from his body while in whatever body of water he is submerged in.

Other Media

Dorifu Daibakushô

Aroza as he appears in Dorifu Daibakushô

Aroza reappears in a 1980s series called Dorifu Daibakushô (ドリフ大爆笑 Dorifu Daibakushô).


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