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Army of the Apes (SFドラマ 猿の軍団, Esu-efu Dorama Saru no Gundan, lit. "SF Drama: Monkey Corps") is a tokusatsu series created by Tsuburaya Productions. It aired from October 6, 1974 to March 30, 1975 with a total of 26 episodes.

In 1987, several episodes were edited into an English-dubbed, 97-minute movie called Time of the Apes by Sandy Frank, who also released films using footage from Mighty Jack and Star Wolf, all of which aired as Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes in 1988.


Researcher Kazuko Izumi, the nephew of the institute director, Jiro Sakaki, and their friend Yurika, all from the Low-Temperature Chemistry Research Institute, find themselves trapped in a cryogenic sleep after a sudden earthquake. When the three of them wake up, they discover that they are in a distant future where apes have become the dominant species, having built a civilization.

The apes are divided into factions based on their species, leading to conflicts due to differences in ideology. Through numerous encounters and farewells, Kazuko and her companions delve into the mystery of the extinction of humanity in this evolved world dominated by apes.[1]


  • Gordo (ゴード, Gōdo), Monkey Center Keeper (モンキーセンタ飼育係, Monkī Senta Shiikukakari): Tetsuya Ushio (潮哲也, Ushio Tetsuya)
  • Kazuko Izumi (泉 和子, Izumi Kazuko): Reiko Tokunaga (徳永 れい子, Tokunaga Reiko)
  • Yurika (ユリカ): Hiroko Saito (斉藤 浩子, Saitō Hiroko)
  • Jiro Sakaki (榊 次郎, Sakaki Jirō): Masaaki Kaji (梶 正昭, Kaji Masaaki)
  • Chief Geba (ゲバー署長, Gebā Shochō): Baku Hatakeyama (畠山 麦, Hatakeyama Baku)
  • VIP Security Minister (ビップ治安大臣, Bippu Chian Daijin): Hitoshi Omae (大前 均, Ōmae Hitoshi)


Opening Theme
  • Saru no Gundan (猿の軍団, lit. "Monkey Corps")
    • Lyrics: Takashi Taka
    • Composition and Arrangement: Toshiaki Tsushima
    • Artist: Masato Shimon

Home Media[]

In Japan, Artport released the series on a DVD box set on December 24, 2004. Another box set was later released by Toei Video on August 8, 2014.[2][3][4]


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