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The Armed Nexus (アームドネクサス Āmudo Nekusasu) is a pair of multipurpose bracers on Ultraman Nexus' wrists.


The Armed Nexus, unlike most bracers, are not artificial constructs but natural parts of Nexus' anatomy, much like Protectors.

Armed Nexus used as cutter blades.

The bracers assist him in manipulating energy for his attacks and can even absorb dark energy and convert it for defense. Their most prominent ability is being used to generate the Meta Field where Nexus can fight Space Beasts without damaging the area around him. They can also be used as blades thanks to their sharp edges.

The right-handed Armed Nexus becomes the Arrow Armed Nexus (アローアームドネクサス Arō Āmudo Nekusasu) as Junis Blue, and provides Nexus with a variety of weapons depending on which mode it is set to.


  • Mach Move (マッハムーブ Mahha Mūbu): An acceleration technique, upon putting the two Armed Nexus on his arms together, Nexus can move at incredible speeds for a short burst. It appears as an aura of light surrounding his still body. Nexus has another version where his Energy Core flashes and he takes of glowing brightly.
  • Phase Shift Wave (フェーズシフトウエーブ Fēzu Shifuto Uēbu): Nexus uses his Armed Nexus to generate a beam shot into the air to generate Meta Field, a dimensional subspace that empowers light beings while reducing the power of darkness. Its main use is to avoid collateral damage during his battles, thus frequent usage of it can induce a huge strain to its user.
Arrow Armed Nexus
  • Arrow-Ray Schtrom (アローレイ・シュトローム Arō Rei Shutorōmu): By switching the Arrow Armed Nexus to Arrow Mode, Nexus can create a giant energy bow by extending his right Armed Nexus and using energy from his energy core to create the body of a bow. By pulling back with his left arm, he can make an arrow, and by letting go, the beam will be released. It destroys foes in the same manner as the Over-Ray Schtrom, instead of breaking down the molecular bonds it obliterates the target's particles. The energy bow construct is modeled after the Eye Slugger.
  • Schtrom Sword (シュトロームソード Shutorōmu Sōdo): By switching the Arrow Armed Nexus to Sword Mode (ソードモード Sōdo Mōdo), Nexus can create a sword which comes out of the Arrow Armed Nexus on his right arm. It destroys foes in the same manner as his other attacks.
  • Over Arrow-Ray Schtrom (オーバーアローレイ・シュトローム Ōbā Arō Rei Shutorōmu): By switching the Arrow Armed Nexus to Final Mode (ファイナルモード Fainaru Mōdo), Nexus can combine both the Arrow-Ray Schtrom and Schtrom Sword at the same time to create a sword bow. It is very similar in appearance to the Arrow-Ray Schtrom, but it has greater destructive power. This move was only used successfully once to defeat Izmael, but failed on Dark Zagi. Its target was destroyed in a more conventional explosion and it is so powerful, when fired it excites the air leaving a stream of flames. Unfortunately, it consumes most of the user's energy to use, meaning it can only be used once per battle. This is Junis Blue's strongest attack.


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