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The Armed Mephisto (アームドメフィスト Āmudo Mefisuto) is a pair of black-colored gauntlets used by Dark Mephisto and his clone. They are the evil counterparts to Ultraman Nexus' Armed Nexus.


The Mephisto Claw

In the same vein as Nexus, the Armed Mephisto appears to be natural parts on Mephisto's anatomy. Most of his beam attacks involve charging energies through said devices.

Whereas the left Armed Mephisto is a repaint of the Armed Nexus, the right side of the bracer can unleash the Mephisto Claw (メフィストクロー Mefisuto Kurō), a two point claw weapon ideal for slashing and summoning the Dark Field.


  • Dark Shift Wave (ダークシフトウェーブ Dāku Shifuto Uēbu): Similar to Dark Faust's Dark Field, Mephisto can create it in human form, inside the phase he can create a dark energy barrier at will around himself or his allies when in human form. His Dark Field also has a green tinge to it when forming. He can also use the Mephisto Claw and inject it to the ground to form it. Unlike Faust, Mephisto has generated his Dark Field without Nexus first creating his.
  • Mephisto Shot (メフィストショット Mefisuto Shotto): Fires green energy blasts from the Mephisto Claw.
    • Mephisto Hyper Shot (ハイパーメフィストショット Haipā Mefisuto Shotto): Fires more powerful shots, they are red in color.

  • Dark Phalanx (ダークファランクス Dāku Farankusu): Zwei rapidly attacks the enemy using his Mephisto Claw.
  • Mephisto Shot (メフィストショット Mefisuto Shotto) (Unused): Fires green energy blasts from the Mephisto Claw.



  • In the series, the blades of Mephisto Claw are emitted from each sides of the Armed Mephisto. The toy version of said device display this as a spring-loaded folding mechanism.
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