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Arisa Sugita (杉田 アリサ Sugita Arisa) is the one of the female members in UPG, and is the leader in combat. She has the strength of a strong man and is in-charge of the Mechas of UPG.


Ultraman Ginga S

Like Gouki as well, Arisa was always seen supporting the Ultras, Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory. Ever since Hikaru Raido disappeared multiple times, she would get angry easily.

Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors!


Ultraman X

Arisa reappeared again in Ultraman X episodes 13-14.

She was first seen calling for backup during a battle between Victory and Mold Spectre, but was sucked into a dimensional portal opened up by Mold. After waking up in Ultraman X's universe, she found the Victory Lancer beside her and began to find her way through a dense forest. Members of Xio, whom were tracking for the mysterious energy emitted by the portal, found her and questioned her about her origin. Arisa explained that she is from another universe and was searching for Sho.

While Arisa and Asuna were walking out of the forest, they stumbled upon Alien Shaplay and Alien Magma, both in the Gua Army. The two female members began to retaliate against the aliens, but were at a loss. Alien Magma decided to join his master in combating Ultraman X and left Alien Shaplay to deal with the two humans. Sho and two members of Xio arrived to backup their teammates. Arisa returned the Victory Lancer to Sho, and he shot a EX Red King bullet at Mold for X for X to retreat.

During Mecha Gomora's rampage, Arisa and Asuna teamed up once again. The two used Cyber Gomora to stop Mecha Gomora. Then used a combination of the Cyber Super Oscillatory Wave and a blast from the Ultlaser to finish off the mechanical monster.

After the final battle Arisa, Sho, and Hikaru thanked Xio for their hospitality and headed for their own universe through Ultraman X's dimensional portal.

Powers and Weapons

  • Training: Like the other members in UPG, Arisa was a well trained in combat.
    • Physical Conditioning: Arisa had the strength to match any of her male teammates.
  • Charge Gun (チャージガン Chāji Gan): A pistol that fires laser ammunition. If connected to UPG-EV1 Schnauzer's bonnet, it will give out a stronger blast called the Hyper Laser (ハイパーレーザー Haipā Rēzā), that is able to destroy giant-sized enemies such as the Inpelaizers.
  • Smart Ceaver (スマートシーバー Sumātoshībā): A communication device that is carried by UPG crews.