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Argos (アルゴス Arugosu) was a Kaiju introduced in episode 11 of Neo Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Intellectual Fear Sphere (知的恐球 Chiteki Kyōkyū)


Neo Ultra Q

A group of terrorists arrived at a Anti-Monster conference led by a congresswoman who campaigned for laws against monsters, taking everyone including Emiko Watarase and a few children hostage. They demanded that the government abolish all anti-monster measures while granting laws for monsters' rights to live. They also said to Emi that unfortunately, force was sometimes required to bring about change.

Argos suddenly arrived and placed a barrier over the building the hostages and terrorists were in. Argos revealed that it had been observing humans for a long time, and wanted to see how "democracy" worked, so it made the humans vote to save either those trapped in the building, or their prime minister. The entity also threatened to use violence should the humans refuse to follow through with his "game". After many hours, Jin Haibara pleaded with Argos, saying that humans are imperfect and use the demoracy system which puts the weak at a disadvantage because that was all they had until they could find a better solution. Instead of caving in, Argos simply laughed at him, saying that this was exactly what it wanted to see. The vote ended that night and Argos suddenly disappeared. The hostages were let out and the terrorists were arrested, though it is unknown what happened to the prime minister.


  • Height: 1,000 m
  • Weight: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Barrier: Argos can deploy a barrier over an area such as an entire building, preventing enyone from leaving or entering.
  • Energy Beam: Argos can fire an energy beam from its body.


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