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Arb (アーブ Ābu) is a collective species of crystalline aliens that lived on Planet Arb. The Arb appear in Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Hikari Saga SAGA 1: "Arb's Tragedy", and SAGA 3: "Return of Light".


Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Hikari Saga

Arb's Tragedy

Hikari visits Planet Arb

The Arb were a peaceful race of alien beings who lived on Planet Arb. The being (who would one day be known as Ultraman Hikari) visited their homeworld one day. He met and spoke with the Arb, who knew of his arrival, because of the prophecies made of the being known only as "Tsurugi." Hikari had been searching for the planet to study why it had never had a single internal conflict, and the Arb welcomed him as not only their guest, but their friend. A monster called Bogarl was predicted to attack and destroy the planet Arb in the prophecy of Tsurugi. Hikari wanted to meet this Tsurugi, as he may be able to teach him to fight. When he returned with his new Knight Brace, the prediction soon came true, as the space monster arrived on the planet, and began destroying all in her sight.

Bogarl destroying Arb

Hikari, having gained the Knight Brace's powers, was ready to fight Bogarl. The Arb swarmed the beast, but she opened her wings and ate them in large gulps, until only a few remained. Hikari became enraged by this, and lept into battle against Bogarl, using the new Knight Beam Blade, that he summoned out of the Knight Brace given to him by Ultraman King. Ultraman King warned him not to fight with such rage, as the power would overwhelm him. Hikari angrily ignored the warnings, and fought fiercely, but Bogarl overpowered him easily. After Hikari managed to get in only one shot, Bogarl decided to retreat, for now, and disappeared into thin air. After the battle, Hikari's grief began to overtake him as he gazed upon what was left of the once-beautiful planet. As his rage against himself for his failure to protect Arb and its inhabitants began to boil over, he struck the ground repeatedly. Just then, the usually kind spirits of the dead Arb appeared, and they threw themselves onto Hikari's body, merging with him. As he was granted the Arb Gear known as the Armor of Revenge, Hikari gained a new name; he was now to be known as the enigmatic warrior, Hunter Knight Tsurugi!

Return of Light

While Hikari was traveling through space, on his way back to Earth, he noticed an Ultra Sign, saying "I'm waiting for you on Planet Arb- Mebius." Wanting to find out what Mebius was doing on Arb, Hikari went to the planet. There, as he searched for Mebius, he knelt down, and touched the soil of the planet he failed to save. Suddenly, a blast of energy flew right past his face! Turning to his side, it was Ultraman Mebius! Mebius suddenly attacked Hikari, but Hikari wasn't afraid to fight back, knowing it was an imposter. He demanded the faker's real identity. Instead, the Mebius being took on the form of Hikari's old shelf; Hunter Knight Tsurugi! The fake told Hikari of his plan to go to Earth disguised as him, and destroy everything in his name. The two engaged in battle again, with the fake winning, claiming he had the power that comes from revenge and pure rage. He also said if Hikari admitted defeat, he'd have to become the imposter's slave, but he would spare his life. Hikari refused, saying he wanted to protect the precious lives that were at risk. The imposter just laughed, and decided to reveal his real face; Alien Babarue!

Hikari thanking Arb

Engaging in battle yet again, Babarue used his freezing breath to freeze Hikari within a large block of ice. Babarue offered Hikari one last chance to be his slave and live on, but Hikari still refused. Resolving instead to simply leave Hikari trapped in the ice while he enacted his plan, Babarue finally decided to leave, and he started skipping merrily away. Then, the spirit of the Arb spoke to Hikari, and reminded him of the good times he shared with them. They also granted him a true power, and with it, he broke free of the ice block, and transformed into what appeared to be Tsurugi! But, instead of hatred and rage, the energy in his body was pure, and clean. Hikari had been given a new Arb Gear; the Armor of the Hero, which appeared identical to the Armor of Revenge he once wore. As the Armor of the Hero was the Armor of Revenge's true form, it gave him the power he needed to easily defeat Babarue. Beaten, Babarue claimed he'd one day kill both Hikari and Mebius. Then, he slammed the ground and disappeared in a cloud of smoke, without a trace. Hikari left the planet, heading to Earth but left knowing that all the struggles he had been through to avenge the fallen spirits of Arb were not in vain - eventually, the survivors and their descendants would populate the surface of the planet once more, restoring it to its previous state.


  • Arb is voiced by Yuko Ogura.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Planet Arb
Powers and Weapons
  • Power Surge: Each individual Arb can charge their tiny bodies with energy and can shock foes with their touch.
  • Astral Form: While on their own, Arb resembles crystals that can group together into a vaguely-humanoid figure.
  • Flight: The Arb can fly through the air at moderate speeds.
  • Telepathy: The Arb can speak to others through telepathy.
  • Intelligent: Ultraman Hikari theorized that the Arb are some of the most intelligent creatures.
  • Arb Gear: When the Arb died, they merged with Ultraman Hikari and provided him with the Arb Gear; at the time it was called the Armor of Revenge. However, this causes Hikari unintentionally to be fueled with rage and anger energies in him. Arb later bestowed the Armor of the Hero upon him, and was free from his vengeance and anger.
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