Anti Go-Ne (アンチゴーネ Anchi Gōne) is one of the main four antagonists of the TV series Jumborg Ace. He appeared from episode 1 through 13.

Subtitle: First Generation Battle Captain (一代目戦闘隊長 Ichidaime Sentō Taichō)


Jumborg Ace

Anti Go-Ne was the first of the Go-Ne Generals to attack Earth. He first appeared in Jumborg Ace episode 1 "A Gift From the Emerald Star." Like the other Go-Ne Generals, he had the ability to summon monsters from the Earth. He does this by using the Anti Sticker.

In episode 13 "Revive Now! Jumborg Ace," Anti Go-Ne took action on his own, appearing with Dead Fire to challenge Jumborg Ace. However, he was killed after being impaled by Jumborg Ace's Jum Saber. With Anti Go-Ne's death, Planet Gross sent Mad Go-Ne, the Second Generation Battle Captain to Earth in a second attempt to take over it.


  • Anti Go-Ne would later inspire the alien Darkgone.
  • Voice actor: Shuichiro Moriyama
  • Suit actor: Sakon Shimura
  • Costume designer: Maiya Keiakira
  • Anti Go-Ne could possibly be named for the heroine of the play Antigone by Sophocles. In the tragedy she fights for the right to bury her dead brother after her uncle Creon forbade her.


  • Height: 2.5 ~ 45 m  
  • Weight: 300 kg ~ 20 000 t
  • Origin: Planet Gross
Powers and Weapons
  • Anti Sticker: A staff that Anti Go-Ne wields in his right hand.
    • Monster Summon Ray: Anti Go-Ne can shoot a ray from the Anti Sticker that can summon both Kaiju and mechas.
  • Spaceship: Anti Go-Ne has a spaceship capable of travelling through space.



Jumborg Ace


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