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"Gridman... You're an eyesore! I'll make you disappear! Die die die die die!"

―Anti to Gridman

"I... I was born to crush you! And I live to crush you! In order to crush you...I will...fight...together with you!"

―Anti's speech to Gridman as he transforms into Gridknight

Anti (アンチ Anchi)[1][2], formerly credited as the Mysterious Boy (謎の少年 Nazo no Shōnen), is a Kaiju who appears as the reformed antagonist turned anti-hero in the anime series SSSS.GRIDMAN.

During the tenth episode, Anti's obsession with defeating Gridman evolved into a desire to protect him. This, combined with Anti's own copy ability transformed Anti's Kaiju form into a Gridman-like form dubbed Gridknight (グリッドナイト Guriddonaito).

Anti, now grown up and going by the name Knight (ナイト Naito), reappeared with Anosillus the 2nd in SSSS.DYNAZENON to protect that world from Kaiju invasions.


  • Anti: Animus Kaiju[3] (臥薪嘗胆怪獣 Gashin Shōtan Kaijū lit. "Trials and Tribulation Monster")[4]
  • Kaiser Gridknight: Super Dragon King (超合体竜王 Chō Gattai Ryū Ō)


As a human, Anti is quiet, rarely speaking. He is also very gluttonous, eating several plates of food in one sitting. Due to his nature, he also devours the food with no sense of table manners, devouring it all like an animal. Anti also questions his role, whether he is human or not. He is also curious, as he asked Utsumi what an apology is.

Since he is created solely to fight Gridman, Anti displays an irrational hatred for the Hyper Agent in both his human and Kaiju forms. His hatred is so great, Anti will even attack a fellow Kaiju if they stand between him and Gridman.

He is also very loyal to Akane, persistently staying with her, and even protecting her during a forest fire, despite her callous and abusive response to his presence. However since his sole purpose is to fight Gridman, Anti would refuse to murder people just to fulfill her petty grudges.

When Akane ends up outright disowning him as one of her Kaiju, Anti finally leaves her to find his own path in life, recognizing that he had to have been given sentience for a reason. With Calibur and Akane's words, he finds himself to be more than just another Kaiju born of Akane's malice, which allowed him to transform into Gridknight.

In SSSS.DYNAZENON, the older Anti, now known by the name Knight, retains his stoicism and keeps his cool in most of the situations. He is protective of the 2nd, acting as her personal bodyguard, but denies any other relationship with her. Yomogi's act in pointing this out and assuming them to be a couple provokes Knight to wrestle the young boy despite his partner being open to this suggestion.



Anti was created by Akane Shinjo, with the ability to learn from his opponent. In their first battle, Anti easily bested Gridman in battle. This was mainly because Yuta Hibiki believed Anti was a real person and found himself unable to fight. Despite the use of the Gridman Calibur, Gridman was defeated and vanished, leading Akane, Rikka Takarada, and Sho Utsumi to believe Gridman was dead. Akane treated Anti to a meal at a restaurant as a reward. However, Gridman survived and returned the next day, where he challenged Anti to a rematch. Through use of Max's weapon form, the Battle Tracto Max, they formed into Max Gridman and fought to a standstill, with each fighter hitting their limits simultaneously and Anti reverted to his human form. Akane threw her bento at his face in the next morning out of disappointment. Defeat

He continued to stay outside of Akane's house, no matter what she would say, even when she threw her phone at him. Anti was later ordered to kill the four man video podcast group Arcadia, but refused, only caring about killing Gridman. Instead, Akane created another Kaiju for the job. When Gridman challenged the new monster, Anti attacked the two of them. After Max Gridman destroyed the new Kaiju, Anti attempted to attack again, only for his time limit to expire, forcing him to resume his human form. Disappointed that the last of the Arcadia group was not dead, Akane threw her phone at him again. Suspicion When Akane was caught in a forest fire, Anti appeared to get her to safety and gave her his scarf before going to fight Gridman. However, after the battle was lost, Akane threw his scarf away and it was lost in the destruction. Provocation

Anti was sent to personally kill Yuta when Akane confirmed her suspicions of him being Gridman. On the way, he met Rikka, who decided to give him food and a bath at her house. He then went out to hunt Yuta and when he found his target, Anti attacked him without transforming. He was held back by Max and Calibur, who convinced him that Gridman was not around and that Yuta was just a human. Anti then went back to Akane, who threw her phone at him again. Contact

Anti tried to get Gridman to fight him by going to Yuta's school and harassing him. However, he was told that Gridman would come only if there was a Kaiju around, so he left and stole Yuta's Special Dogs. When he was eating, Akane saw him and kicked him in the head, telling him not to be so loud at school when he demanded to be ordered to kill Gridman. Tired of waiting around, Anti broke into Akane's room and designed his own Kaiju, Diriver, that Alexis then brought to life. Using it, Anti lured Gridman out. The plan was successful, with Gridman being joined with Sky Vitter and they combined into Sky Gridman. Anti, who was standing on the Kaiju, transformed and was now capable of flight, copying Gridman once more. Despite the Kaiju teaming up, Gridman and Sky Vitter defeat the two. In anger at him entering her room and creating a Kaiju, Akane sent Alexis to punish Anti, who did so by taking his own buzzsaw and slashing his face with it. Bested, Anti could do nothing more but stumble away in pain. Scheme

After this attack, Anti managed to get proper bandages and a gauze to cover up his injured eye, though he was left exhausted. He arrived at the Junk shop, asking for that girl, much to the surprise of the Neon Genesis Junior High Students. Orie Takarada arrived, and served him a plate of food, after the human lookalike passed out from exhaustion. After leaving, Calibur reveals to Borr that he now has Anti's phone number. After Full Powered Gridman's fight against Mecha Ghoulghilas, it is revealed Anti was watching the battle. Confrontation With the appearance of the Bujack, Anti expected Gridman as usual, but his opponent did not appear. Anti then went to the Junk Shop, demanding the Neon Genesis Junior High Students to bring Gridman out, but they responded by telling him that Gridman was 'on vacation' because of that monster. Anti tried to kill it with his buzzsaw, but each of his attacks failed. After Bujack's defeat, he calls Calibur over the phone, demanding Gridman once more. Calibur told him that Gridman doesn't need to come and fight him because Anti is a living being with heart. Anti dismisses the claim, and instead states that he is a Kaiju. Dream

Anti fights Calibur in the mist and is defeated, but Calibur refuses to finish him off. Instead, Calibur asks him what he would do after defeating Gridman, a question Anti did not think of. Anti later had one last battle with Gridman, who once again beat Anti. Gridman also refuses to kill him, believing that he is not really a Kaiju. After that, Anti meets Akane at the restaurant they went to, wanting to pass an umbrella to her after seeing her in the rain. Instead, she tells him that he is a failed creation and tells him to leave, since Kaiju aren't supposed to get attached to humans. This gives Anti the resolve to find his own meaning in life, leaving Akane for good. Anti later shows up to protect Gridman from a new Kaiju, realizing that he was born to defeat Gridman and lives to do just that, but to do so, they both need to stay alive. Anti then transformed into an entity similar to Gridman himself. Anti could feel that the Kaiju represented Akane's heart itself and remembering what Akane said to him, Anti was able to read the monster's erratic movements where Gridman could not. He defeated the threat by slicing it in half. For being the knight that protected Gridman, his new form was dubbed "Gridknight". Collapse Anti visited Yuta in the hospital and he was treated with some hostility from the others, besides Max, who wanted his help to deal with the attacking monster army. He then went out to fight them as Gridknight but was soon overwhelmed until Yuta recovered and transformed into Full Powered Gridman. Decisive Battle

Anti was later given the task to deal with Akane's Kaiju form while Yuta/Gridman looked for Rikka and Utsumi, though he did state that he vows to defeat Gridman before the end of his life. After a short struggle, Anti dived into Zegga's inner 'face' and pulled Akane out of it, but was immediately impaled by Alexis. During Gridman's final transformation, he gained an Acceptor to perform the Access Flash with him.

After the final battle, he was saved by Anosillus the 2nd. His bandages fall off and reveal a new eye with a blue iris. Awakening (Finale)


Anti, now known as Knight, entered the world after the Kaiju Eugenicists' Kaiju had weakened a certain barrier around it. What Is This Pain? Seeing Dynarex and Bullbind fighting, he transformed into Gridknight and intervenes just as Dynarex was about to be defeated. Gridknight's abilities were superior to Bullbind's and forced it and the Kaiju Eugenicists to retreat. He then attempted to fight against Dynarex, assuming it was another Kaiju, but left as his time limit was running out. Later on, he and the Second approached the Dynazenon pilots with the latter offering their help, but they were turned down as they seemed suspicious. Knight got abrasive and left them, saying the injured will only get in his way. They later teamed up to fight and destroy Bullbind anyway. What's Our Reason for Coming Together?

After Garnix's defeat, life seemed to go back to normal as the Kaiju Eugenicists ran out of Kaiju seeds. Chise once tried to go to school again but found herself unable to step into the premises. Knight and the 2nd inform her that they will be leaving with Goldburn soon, as Goldburn should not exist in a "normal" world. Knight then appeared when Sizumu attempted to attack Yomogi and Yume. Sizumu defeated Knight and unleashed Gagula to destroy the city. While Yomogi, Yume and the Second take care of Gauma, Knight fought Gagula as Kaiser Gridknight but lost. What Wish Can't Come True? Yomogi and the others then went to retrieve their parts of Dynazenon to pilot together for the last time. Even with their teamwork, they were still being overwhelmed by Gagula until Yomogi used Instance Domination on it to force it to move its mouth up and provide the others with an opening to attack. With everyone's efforts, they manage to defeat Gagula and the Kaiju Eugenicists. However, Dynazenon loses its color and Gauma seemingly dies.

Three months later, they visit the bridge where Gauma made his home before Knight and the 2nd leave with Dynarex and Goldburn. They arrive in another Computer World where Dynarex reawakens. What Was I Entrusted With?



  • Age: 0 years (SSSS.GRIDMAN)
  • Date of Birth: 9 September, 2018
  • Blood Type: Unknown
  • Hobby: Secret
  • Weakness: Being created as a counterpart of Gridman, Anti is also bound to his own time limit. If he exceeds it, the cyan-colored gem on his forehead glows as he forcefully reverts to human form. This weakness also carries over to Gridknight.


Human Form

As a Kaiju created to attack at Akane's orders, Anti was born with a human form. In battle, upon defeat or exhaustion, he will be forced back into this form.

  • Height: 133 cm (Anti), 175 cm (Knight)
  • Weight: 30 kg (Anti), 65 kg (Knight)
Powers and Weapons
  • Transformation: Being naturally a monster created by Akane, Anti can switch into human form when not in combat. This allows her to initiate monster attacks without help from Alexis. Anti only transforms to his Kaiju form when Gridman appears or if he is given an order to do so by Akane. After becoming Gridknight, Anti is capable to transform on his own free will.
  • Buzzsaw: In his human form, Anti wields a hand-held buzzsaw blade weapon, which is concealed in his left sleeve, to combat his enemies.
  • Replica Knight Calibur (レプリカナイトキャリバー Repurika Naito Kyaribā): In his human form in SSSS.DYNAZENON, Anti carries a red-colored sword that remains sheathed on his back when not in use. During combat, he holds it in on his left hand in a reverse grip.
  • Superhuman Physiology: Even while disguised as a human, Anti has incredible strength and can jump extraordinarily high and far.

Kaiju Form

Anti's original/true form. He was a monster created to mimic and thus counter any of his opponent's abilities, specifically Gridman.

  • Height: 65 m
  • Weight: 55,000 tons
Powers and Weapons
  • Auto Intelligence (オートインテリジェンス Ōto Interijensu): Anti's specialty is the ability of intelligent thought and learning.
  • Copy Ability (コピー能力 Kopī Nōryoku): Created as a counteract to Gridman, Akane proclaims that Anti can mimic his opponents' abilities in an instant.
    • Retractable Claws: To counter the Gridman Calibur, Anti can utilize a pair of retractable claws.
    • Missiles: Anti gained the ability to generate a sort of mouth on his abdomen, using the teeth as missiles. Generated to counter Buster Gridman's missiles. When using this ability, his hands become yellow. When in this state, he becomes Buster Anti (バスターアンチ Basutā Anchi).[5]
    • Thruster Legs: Anti can transform his legs into large thrusters to fly at high speeds in his Flight Form (飛行形態 Hikō Keitai), also known as Sky Anti (スカイアンチ Sukai Anchi).[6] Generated to counter Sky Gridman. When using this ability, his hands become cyan.
  • Energy Bullets: Anti can fire a barrage of purple energy bullets from the yellow parts on his body.
  • Buster Beam (バスタービーム Basutā Bīmu)[7]: Anti charges energy from his whole body and fires a large purple beam.
  • Forehead Beam: Anti fires an energy beam out of the crystal on his forehead.
  • Acceleration: Anti can run at incredible speeds, doing so as part of his attacks or disorienting his opponent.
  • Brute Strength: Anti's brute strength alone is able to keep up with the likes of Max Gridman and swing other Kaiju around. It is not certain if this strength is part of his mimicry ability or his original level of power.


An evolution of Anti's Kaiju form. He becomes similar to Gridman, in form and abilities.

  • Height: 52 m
  • Weight: 46,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Strength: Gridknight still seems to hold the brute strength of his original form.
  • Agility: Gridknight is very agile in this form, being able to make incredible leaps and even run on walls for a short period of time.
  • Gridknight Circular (グリッドナイトサーキュラ Guriddonaito Sākyura): Gridknight forms a circle of purple energy which is then thrown at his enemy, bifurcating them.
    • Knight Circular End (ナイトサーキュラエンド Naito Sākyura Endo): Gridknight rushes at the enemy and slices them with the Gridknight Circular.
  • Gridknight Storm (グリッドナイトストーム Guriddonaito Sutōmu): Gridknight's variation of the Grid Beam. It is fired from his right arm instead of the left.
  • Knight Light Wave Missile (ナイト爆裂光波弾 Naito Bakuretsu Kōha-dan lit. Knight Explosive Light Wave Missile): Gridknight fires a concentrated energy blast from his chest.
  • Knight Calibur End (ナイトキャリバーエンド Naito Kyaribā Endo): While using the Gridknight Calibur, which is just the Gridman Calibur turned red, Gridknight moves towards his enemy via the thrusters on his back, and slashes with his sword in a reverse grip.
  • Dynamic Fire (ダイナミックファイヤー Dainamikku Faiyā): While using Dynamic Cannon, it spews out a stream of flames from its mouth.

Grid Burn Knight

Grid Burn Knight (グリッドバーンナイト Guriddo Bān Naito)[8] is a combination of Gridknight and the Goldburn, who attaches to Gridknight's back. Gridknight's flight abilities are improved while in this form.

Powers and Weapons
  • Blazing Hot Inferno Burning Grid Rex Roar (必勝灼烈大火炎バーニンググリッドレックスロアー Hisshō Shakuretsu Daikaen Bāningu Guriddo Rekkusu Roā lit. Victorious Scorching Great Flame Burning Grid Rex Roar): Dynarex's ultimate attack, performed in conjunction with Gridknight's Gridknight Storm.

Kaiser Gridknight

Kaiser Gridknight (カイゼルグリッドナイト Kaizeru Guriddonaito)[9] is a combination of Gridknight, the mecha Dynazenon and the Kaiju Goldburn. Gridknight takes Dynasoldier's place in the usual Dynazenon combination sequence while Goldburn attaches itself onto the chestplate. Additionally, Dynasoldier transforms into the Dynamic Cannon and is gripped on the shoulder by Gridknight's free hand.

  • Height: 65 m
  • Weight: 315,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Bullet: Kaiser Gridknight shoots a purple energy bullet from his hand.
  • Kaiser Knight Double Storm (カイゼルナイトダブルストーム Kaizeru Naito Daburu Sutōmu): Twin energy beams fired from the hands.
  • Rex Grid Fire (レックスグリッドファイヤー Rekkusu Guriddo Faiyā): After charging up energy, the Dynamic Cannon fires a powerful purple energy beam.
  • Kaiser Knight Circular (カイゼルナイトサーキュラ Kaizeru Naito Sākyura): Kaiser Gridknight forms a circle of energy in his palm, which is used to slice through an enemy. The circle's circumference is able to expand and affect a large area.

Assist Weapon

Due to Anti's evolution into Gridknight, he is capable of arming himself with an Assist Weapon (アシストウェポン Ashisuto Uepon) in the same vein as Gridman.

  • Gridknight Calibur: A giant katana that was transformed from the Gridman Calibur (with his Axe Blade ejected).
  • Dynamic Cannon: A flamethrower weapon transformed from Dynasoldier.






  • Anti is based on Shinobilar, a monster from Gridman the Hyper Agent who possesses superhuman speed that can rival Gridman himself. Incidentally, both are the first Kaiju to have their own sentience. Whereas Shinobilar died and was revived with different weapons and fighting skills, Anti adapts most of Gridman's new fighting tactics and attacks with each battle.
    • The name of Gridknight's Knight Light Wave Missile is based off Kung Fu Shinobilar's Shinobilar Fist: Explosive Light Wave Bullet technique.
Unused Gridknight Original Concept.jpg
  • Anti's ability to replicate Gridman's fighting prowess is probably based on Khan Knight, an unused concept of the original series that featured Takeshi Todo's initial alter-ego fighting against Gridman and being redeemed as Grid Knight. These scrapped concepts were eventually reworked into Gridman Sigma. Anti's allusions to the originally scrapped Grid Knight are confirmed when he evolves into Gridknight later on in the series.
    • Gridknight's return in SSSS.DYNAZENON has him reusing the same landing frame and shot as Gridman Sigma from Gridman the Hyper Agent: boys invent great hero.
    • As Kaiser Gridknight, he is based on King Gridman Sigma of Gridman the Hyper Agent: The Demon King's Counterattack. Kaiser Gridknight's use of Dynamic Cannon brings to mind that the original King Gridman toy can wield the Dragonic Cannon and would have been that way in the television series, but was forced to discard it since it would burden the suit actor.
  • As the designs of most of Akane's monsters are a fusion of Gridman and Ultra Kaiju, Anti has ribbed textures on his limbs (Zetton), born with the ability to adapt to his opponents' skills (Kyrieloid II) and has a pair of retractable claws on his right arm (Satanbizor).
  • The purple flame decoration on Anti's human form parallels Rodimus' color scheme in Transformers: Shattered Glass.
    • His handheld buzzsaw is based off Rodimus' replacement left hand, granted by the SG Ratchet after the original one was dismembered.
    • From Transformers GO, Anti's Kaiju form is based on Sensuimaru's alternate mode while Gridknight is based on the Autobot's robot mode.
    • His heterochromia after his right eye was healed from Alexis' attack is a reference to Wheelie from Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.
    • As Kaiser Gridknight, Gridknight is seen wearing a purple cape and Goldburn's head being an analogue to a crown. This draws references to Starscream's short-lived role as the new leader of Decepticons in The Transformers: The Movie.
  • His Japanese subtitle cannot be accurately translated to English without losing some of its meaning, which is "going through thick and thin to attain one's objective" or "enduring unspeakable hardships for the sake of vengeance​". In Anti's entry in the Mech Encyclopedia for Super Robot Wars 30, his subtitle is given as "Animus Kaiju."
  • Gridknight's Gridknight Circular attack is very similar to Ultraman's Ultra Slash attack, as well as the cutting attacks of later Ultra Warriors.
  • His rivalry with Gridman and eventual reformation into Gridknight makes him rather similar to another former villain - Jugglus Juggler. In addition, the two also made peace with their rivals at the end of their series and return in another series as a supporting character to the protagonists.
  • Anti's new outfit in SSSS.DYNAZENON, combined with the katana at his waist, are a clear homage to Samurai・Calibur, who played a vital role in Anti's redemption in SSSS.GRIDMAN.
  • Anti's new alias "Knight" in SSSS.DYNAZENON is a reference to both his Gridknight form and also a semi-anagram of his original name "Anti" with an "o" sound added.(Anti -> Nait-o)


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