Separate Guruman Because this Kaiju / Seijin is a character in the show instead of the monster of the week, it has been given its own page. If you're looking for the original page, see Anosillus.
Anosillus the 2nd
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Home world: Unknown
First appearance: SSSS.GRIDMAN episode 6 "Contact" (Proper debut)
episode 1 "Awakening" (Cameo)
Last appearance: SSSS.GRIDMAN episode 12 "Awakening (Finale)"
Number of appearances: 2
Type: Ally
Family: Anosillus
Affiliation: Gridman
Yuta Hibiki
Portrayed by: Karin Takahashi (Japanese)
Monica Rial (English)
Sound(s): N/A

Anosillus the 2nd (アノシラス(2代目) Anoshirasu (2-daime))[1] is a character in SSSS.GRIDMAN. She is a mysterious girl who somehow knows the secrets of the world. Similar to Anti, she is actually a kaiju in human form. However, she was not created by Akane Shinjo and Alexis・Kerib.

Subtitle: Kaiju Girl (怪獣少女 Kaijū Shōjo)



Not much is known of her origins, but she states that she has been watching events unfold for a long time, even before Tsutsujidai was made. She also met Yuta Hibiki at some point prior to his amnesia.


Prior to her on-screen introduction in episode 6, she made several cameos as a background character throughout previous episodes.

Anosillus was looking for Yuta and found him in an alley, where she reintroduced herself to the boy and took him out on a "date". She got him to follow her onto the train, where she explained to him Akane Shinjo's true nature, the state of the world, and the appearances of the Illusion Monsters that Yuta and friends had been seeing. When Yuta got off, she said that her predecessor owes Yuta a lot.Contact

Anosillus the 2nd saved Anti from the brink of death and the two kaiju were watched over by Anosillus.Awakening

Powers and Abilities

  • Growth: Anosillus can somehow enlarge herself.



  • Designer: Masaru Sakamoto
  • The music she used to awaken Yuta is the piano version of "Yume no Hero" from Denkou Choujin Gridman. This was once played by Yuka Inoue to purify Anosillus from Takeshi Todo's control.
  • She is based on Mayoi Hachikuji from Monogatari novel series; both are non-human beings disguised as little girls, are shown to be older than the main characters, are represented as Moe personifications (Mayoi is based on a snail and Anosillus reflects her kaiju namesake), carry backpacks and have twin-tails, with the latter two traits helping to solidify their motifs.


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