Ankylosaurus (アンキロサウルス, Ankirosaurusu) is a genus of large ankylosaur dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period of North America.

A Ankylosaurus was one of the many poacher targets in Dinosaur Expedition Born Free.

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  • Length: N/A (Born Free), 10-11 m (real life)
  • Height: N/A (Born Free), 2-3 m (real life)
  • Weight: N/A (Born Free) 4-6 t (real life)
  • Origin: Prehistoric Earth


Dinosaur Expiditon Born Free



  • Despite being a herbivore, the Ankylosaurus in Born Free has sharp teeth.
  • After this series, the Ankylosaurus would be depicted by a different suit all together for Dinosaur Great War Izenborg.
Trivia not relevant for the series
  • Ankylosaurus means "Fused lizard" in Greek.
  • In real life, Ankylosaurus had much more smoothed armor than that of the Ankylosaurus depicted in the series.

Powers and Abilities

  • Armor: Like all ankylosaurs, they have armored plating to protect them.
  • Tail Club: Located at the end of the saurians tail is a massive club made of solid bone.
  • Burrowing: Unlike normal ankylosaurs, the ones depicted in Born Free can burrow.

Known Ankylosaurs

  • Aroro (Dinosaur Great War Izenborg)
  • Unko (Dinosaur Great War Izenborg)
  • Shadow (Dinosaur Great War Izenborg)


Dinosaur Expedition Born Free


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