Andro Wolf (アンドロウルフ Andoro Urufu) is one of the four original Ultra characters who appeared in Andro Melos. Andro Wolf was believed to have been Ultraseven until this was disproven when he was rescued from Juda by Andro Wolf.





  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 48,000 t
  • Flight Speed: Mach 15
  • Kicking Power: 50,000 tons or more
  • Elbow Strength: 20,000 t


  • Sword U: The two blades mounted on his shoulders, can be removed, and used as swords.
  • U Boomerang: A technique where he throws the Sword Us. It is strong enough to cut through enemies.
  • Special Technique Wolf Cutter: Andro Wolf strongest's move. After wide open to the left and right hands that have at the same time the two Su~odo U, and throw swiftly towards the enemy. In addition to defeating Shizurun, it hit towards the knee of King Georg, was staggered.
  • Andro Beam: A move shared with his fellow Andro Super Warriors. A beam is fired from the gem on his forehead.
  • Cosmo Cross: He can remove the stars on the back of his hands, and use them as shurikens. He shares this attack with the other male Andro Super Warriors.
  • Cosmo Punch: A straight punch which is aimed towards the weakness of the enemy.
  • Cosmo Kick: A powerful kick, boasting a power equivalent to that of Andro Melos.
  • Andro Elbow Thrust: An intense elbow thrust aimed at the head of an enemy, the impact force is 20,000 t.
  • Andro Knee Attack: An attack similar to the Andro Elbow Thrust, except it is a knee attack.
  • Rotational Throw: An attack involving grabbing the enemy, spin it, and fling far by utilizing the centrifugal force.
  • Beam Hurricane: An duo attack done along with Andro Melos.
  • Andro Stream: Another duo attack done with Andro Melos. It involves emitting a burning aura, and do a flying kick on the enemy.
  • Beam Charge: A third duo attack done with Andro Melos. They share energy to increase the over-all damage of a beam attack.
  • Andro Typhoon: Shoots a spiral like beam in an L-style formation.
  • Wolf Special: Fires energy from his arm.
  • Wolf Aura: A variation of the Cosmo Aura. He radiats a burning aura, and tackles the foe.



  • Though it is said that Andro Mars resembles Ultraman, and that Andro Wolf resembles Ultraseven, Andro Mars seems to resemble Ultraseven more than Wolf, and vice-versa.
  • It is also said that his eyes resemble hexagons, while in all the artwork, and in the actual costume, one can easily see that his eyes are round.
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