Andro Melos (アンドロメロス Andoro Merosu) is one of the four original Ultra characters who appeared in the manga of the same name as well as the miniseries, Andro Melos. He was actually the alias of Benoit (ブノワ Bunowa) and Zoffy, when using the Cosmo Techtor (コスモテクター Kosumo Tekuta).


Andro Melos


Zoffy as Melos

While patrolling in space, a soldier of the Andro Tribe named Caesar, witnessed Zoffy being thrown into a black hole by Ace Killer and rescued him. He then gave Zoffy his Cosmo Techtor while he left to an unknown destination. Zoffy took on the alias of Andro Melos and saved the galaxy from countless catastrophes. He is later joined by Andro Mars in his battle against the monsters. After Ultraseven is seemingly killed and Andro Wolf appears to Andro Melos, Mars begins to think that Wolf is Ultraseven. They are proven wrong when they find Ultraseven being held by the evil Juda (the main antagonist of the show). After destroying Juda, it is revealed that he was a robot, Zoffy reveals who he really is and how he survived the black hole. Zoffy hands down his Cosmo Techtor to Caeser's son, Benoit, and returns to the Land of Light with Seven, leaving the position of Andro Melos to Benoit.


The Ultra Cross was given to Melos by the captain of the Inter Galactic Defense Force in recognition of his bravery




  • Height: 55 m
  • Weight: 55,000 t


Andro Melos

Andro Melos Badge.png

Andro Melos.png

  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 15
  • Maximum Running Speed: 650 km per hour
  • Maximum Underwater Speed: 300 knots
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 450 m
  • Arm Strength: Andro Melos/Zoffy can lift 160,000 t
  • Punching Power: 15,000 t
  • Kicking Power: 50,000 t or more
  • Cosmo Techtor (コスモテクター Kosumo Tekutā): A strong armor made of space titanium.
  • Andro Pod (アンドロポット): A pod that can control the various abilities of the Cosmo Techtor and also store weapons
  • Cosmo Verniers: Help increase precision of movements when travelling through the vacuum of space.
  • Double Saber (ダブルセイバー Daburu Seibā): The Eye Slugger-shaped swords emerge from his left waist.
  • Double Lancer (ダブルランサー Daburu Ransā): A lance with both Double Saber at the end. Used to fight the three Alien Magma.
    • Lancer Spark (ランサースパーク Ransā Supāku): Electric shock rays fired from the Double Lancer which powered up by the power of the Gurante restrictor.
  • Cosmo Cross (コスモクロス Kosumo Kurosu): Shurikens that are present in the back of the hand.
  • Andro Beam (アンドロビーム Andoro Bīmu): A red laser fired on the red point on his forehead called the Andro Point. Similar to Ultraseven's Emerium Beam. Used either in a form of magnetic field lines or heat rays.
  • Grand Final Laser Shot (グランドフィアナルレーザショット Gurando Fainaru Rēza Shotto): When combined with his friends, they can perform the Grand Final Laser Shot.
  • Melos Wiper (メロスウィーパー Merosu Uīpā): Defense technique used to neutralize the attack of the enemy.
  • Cosmo Kick (コスモキック Kosumo Kikku): A flying kick charger by injection of the legs of the "Cosmo vernier". Used against the three Alien Magma.
  • Cosmo Punch (コスモパンチ Kosumo Panchi): A punch attack with a greater punching power.
  • Andro Elbow Smash (アンドロエルボースマッシュ Andoro Erubō Sumasshu): A stronger elbow smash which powerful enough to leave a major injury on the opponent.

Andro Melos (w/ Grantector)

Andro Melos (w/ Grantector)

The Grantechtor (グランテクター Gurantekuta) was developed long ago by a group of andro scientists. It was the ultimate legendary weapon hidden in the Earth's North Pole. It is the strongest space Cosmo Tector, making the wearer tens times stronger. Melos first equipped it in episode 40. It was destroyed along with Guar in the final episode.

  • Strong Double Saber (ストロングダブルセイバー Sutorongu Daburu Seibā): An upgraded Double Saber, after being enhanced by the Grantechtor's energy. It is usually stored in the Andro Pod (アンドロポット) of the Grantechtor.
  • Strong Double Lancer (ストロングダブルランサー Sutorongu Daburu Ransā): The upgraded version of Double Lancer, after being powered up by the Grantechtor's energy. It can be used as a sword or block enemy attacks. It can also create a tornado if rotated at high speeds. Used against Juda.
    • Lancer Spark (ランサースパーク Ransā Supāku): Electric shock rays fired from Double Lancer which powered up by the power of the Grantechtor.
  • Great Spark Ray (グレートスパーク光線 Gurēto Supāku Kōsen): By equipping the Grantechtor, Andro Melos is able to fire the two rays on his right arm. By continuously firing, it destroyed a monster battleship.
  • Grand Hyper Beam (グランドハイパービーム Gurando Haipā Bīmu): When the energy of Grantechtor is applied, Andro Melos can shoot the improved version of Andro Beam. Used to give off light combined with his friends.
    • Laser Shot Grand Final: He performs the Grand Hyper Beam with his friends.
  • Grand Freeze (グランドフリーズ Gurando Furīzu): Freeze ray attack use to freeze the opponent.
  • Grantechtor Kick: Increased by the power of Grantechtor, Andro Melos can use the improved version of Cosmo Kick, dealing a greater blow.
  • Grantechtor Throw: He grabs the opponent's legs and continuously spins it using centrifugal force before throwing it onto the ground.

Other Media

Ultraman Festival 2017

Andro Melos teamed up with Knight Hunter Tsurugi and other Ultras to fight Grand King and a robot army lead by Alien Keel in a stage show.


Andro Melos was released in 2012 as part of Ultra-Act Figure Series.


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