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The Andro Defense Force (アンドロ警備隊 Andoro Keibitai) is a peacekeeping organization consists of Cosmo Tector-wearing Andro people, with their main transportation being the Andro Boat.

The team was established under Zoffy's suggestion and led by Andro Melos for the duration of his eponymous series.[1] As the Andro people also value peace like the Residents of the Land of Light, the Andro Defense Force is their answer to the Inter Galactic Defense Force.[2]


Andro Melos

The Andro Defense Force, while being a small organization, stood in the way of Gua Army's universal conquest. The two factions constantly fought each others until the Gua Army's eventual defeat.

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama

At some point of time, the Andro Defense Force received a new recruit named Andro Ares. Ares would chase the Gua Army to Planet Maijii where Ultraman Taiga was training, joining forces with the young Ultra against Imbiza and his forces. After the fight, Ares reported the incident to his captain Melos, and Taiga do the same to Zoffy.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

At some point of time, Andro Melos left his position to join the Galaxy Rescue Force as more capable recruits were inducted into the Andro Defense Force. The Appearance

"Call the Andro Defense Force, we're putting an end to this once and for all."

―Mold to Zoffy

The Parallel Isotopes of Juda and Mold had hopes of fighting the Andro Defense Force again after being dragged into the present day by Absolute Tartarus, only to be killed by the Ultra Brothers in Satellite Golgotha. The Divergence During his and Ultraman Ribut's encounter with Taiga, he also mentioned Ares' name as one of the recruits. The Appearance