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"Don't worry. Planet Andro, my birthplace, is situated at the other side of that black hole. My friends are over there. Just like you, I will join forces with them to defeat Gua."

―Andro Ares to Ultraman Taiga.

Andro Ares (アンドロアレス Andoro Aresu) is an Andro Super Warrior who first appeared in the Ultraman Taiga spin-off, Tri-Squad VoiceDrama.



His name "Ares" refers to the god of war in the Greek mythology. In addition, Ares' counterpart in the Roman mythology, is Mars, who is also the namesake of Andro Mars.


Although an excellent Andro Super Warrior, Ares is a cocky person who remains confident in his own abilities and underestimates others, be it his opponents or his own allies such as Taiga during his time as an Inter Galactic Defense Force cadet. Despite this, Ares also values his missions and duties given by Andro Melos, as he is well aware that his failure in protecting Taiga would discredit him in front of his superior. The incident with Imbiza and Pestria taught him of humility, as he apologized to Taiga for his earlier insults and eventually becoming a starting point for their friendship.


Tri-Squad VoiceDrama

Ares was recruited into the Andro Defense Force at some unknown point of time and was groomed by Andro Melos to be the new leader of their team, as he was about to leave to join the Galaxy Rescue Force upon Queen Izana's invitation.

After trailing the Gua Army's Battle Captain Imbiza to Planet Maijii, he saved Ultraman Taiga from Mecha Birdon and Re-Brocken. For Whom Is That Fist For - Part 1 Taiga offered Andro Ares his assistance, but was told to stay back. He watched Ares fight off Zabiden, Dakumiran, Bazelia, Re-Alien Iyros, Re-Beacon and Re-Zaragas, finishing them off by himself before going to fight Imbiza.

However, Re-Muruchi attacked Taiga and took him hostage. Imbiza used this situation to force Andro Ares to drop his weapons, and blasted him. Enraged, Taiga killed Re-Muruchi, but was surprised to see Ares return. He incinerated Imbiza's right arm and shoulder, forcing the Battle Captain to retreat temporarily. Taiga wanted to chase after Imbiza, but Ares told him to stay back again. Suddenly, the space around them cracked like glass and started to fall apart. For Whom Is That Fist For - Part 2

Imbiza taunted the two of them before the Monster Battleship Pestria appeared from a dimensional distortion. However, Imbiza's master Gua betrayed him, making Pestria fire its Black Hole Cannon directly at Imbiza, destroying him. Taiga and Ares are attacked by the ship using its lasers and missiles, so Ares decided to expend his energy to destroy it. His attack fails to destroy Pestria, and he is captured. Taiga resolves to rescue Ares, and dived into the monster ship, despite Ares' protests. Taiga fires his Ultra Beam, destroying the spaceship's computer systems before rescuing Ares. Taiga ran out of energy and was returned to Planet Maiji. He and Ares have a conversation, with the latter apologizing for his earlier arrogance and promising to reunite with Taiga once the fight with Gua Army has ended. Ares left through a black hole to continue his mission, saying goodbye to the Hero of Light, a name which Taiga took for himself. Taiga went back to the Land of Light to report the situation to Zoffy and his father. For Whom Is That Fist For - Part 3

Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Drama

Once Andro Melos was been invited to the Galaxy Rescue Force by Queen Izana, Ares was promoted to replace Melos as the leader of the Andro Defense Force. Ares and his promotion to said rank was mentioned by Andro Melos to Ultraman Ribut and Sora. Andro Melos

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Ares was mentioned by Taiga after he encountered Andro Melos, the latter explaining that he had retired from the Andro Defense Force after he was supplanted by not only Ares but other younger and more capable fighters.



  • Height: 52 m[1]
  • Weight: 50,000 t[1]
  • Home World: Planet Andro[1]
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 15[1]

Body Features

  • Cosmo Tector (コスモテクター Kosumo Tekutā): A combat armor used by the people of Andro as means of protection and to traverse into a black hole without any ill effect. Ares' model is colored metallic violet.[1] Like all models, Ares' is also capable of witstanding heavy punishments from Imbiza, but is weak towards anti-gravity net used by Pestria.
    • Andro Pod (アンドロポッド Andoro Poddo): A pair of storage compartment devices stored at each part of the Cosmo Tector's hips. They usually store Ares' Cosmo Magnum.


  • Acceleration: According to Ultraman Taiga, Ares is capable of rushing at the speed of Mach 15, akin to a purple tornado.


  • Cosmo Aura (コスモオーラ Kosumo Ōra): A burst of energy from his Cosmo Tector. It was used in a futile attempt to take down Pestria, only exposing the Monster Battleship's inner frames from the resulting explosion.


  • Cosmo Magnum (コスモマグナム Kosumo Magunamu): A pair of handguns stored in the Andro Pods when not in use.
    • Twin Edge Mode (ツインエッジモード Tsuin Ejji Mōdo): For melee combat, they can transform into a pair of daggers.
      • Twin Edge Andro Cross Haze Slash (ツインエッジ アンドロ十文字霞斬り Tsuin Ejji Andoro Jūmonji Kasumi Giri): The finishing move of the Cosmo Magnum in their Twin Edge Mode, which he uses to bisect his opponents in half.
    • Cosmo Magnum Strike Burst (コスモマグナム ストライクバースト Kosumo Magunamu Sutoraiku Bāsuto): By combining the Cosmo Magnums into a single weapon, Ares can fire a beam strong enough to incinerate Imbiza's Cosmonium Claw.



  • Designer: Masayuki Gotoh
  • When performing the Strike Burst, Ares' eyes shine from his Cosmo Tector's visor. This is a reference to the magazine releases of Ultra Brothers Story: Andro Melos magazines, wherein the Andro Super Warriors had visible yellow oval eyes plastered on their visors before they were removed in the Andro Melos series and rendered as red-tinted beneath said visors.


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