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The Ambassador Mephisto (メフィスト大使 Mefisuto Taishi) is a representative of the Star Cluster Alliance and superior to Adad and to whom Edo must answer. He is the head of the Japanese branch of the Star Cluster Council.



An Alien Mefilas, Mephisto was Planet Mefilas's representative to the Star Cluster Council.

He is Adad's immediate superior. After the incident with Pigmon, Edo appeared to him to question him about the Bar Codes case.

Adad later appeared, and while the two discussed the bar codes, he instead gave Adad another mission.

After the battle of New York, he was updated with the news that his job might be in jeopardy if the council releases the Leo Brothers. He then sent Alien Zarab henchmen to capture Shin Hayata, Dan Moroboshi and Shinjiro Hayata, and then allowed the Zarabs to impersonate them and cause havoc to bring down the Ultramen's reputation. His plan was stopped by Edo, revealing to him that he was the Supreme Chancellor of the Star Cluster Council, and used his authority to do so.


Powers and Weapons
  • Mimicry: The ambassador takes the form of a human, instead of appearing in his own form.
  • Political Power: He holds influence and authority over Adad and Ed, thus he has influence over the SSSP. He also has connections to World Governments due to Earth joining the alliance.


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