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Alternate Dimension World (イジゲンセカイ Ijigen Sekai) is the thirty-sixth episode of Ultraman Max.


Dr. Yotsuya's experiments seem to have summoned Pigmon and Subject Phantom. What is Dr. Yotsuya's true goal?


UDF was considering introducing a new defense system into its base, Base Titan. It is a different-dimensional barrier that applies the subject phantom principle called “Dimension force”. Dr. Yotsuya suddenly appears and introduced himself as genius professor. Before Dr. Yotsuya doing his experiment, he orders to bring something to his lab an expensive complete set of Chinese lunch, “Kinmanrou” which costed 75.000 Yen. Soon, he warned to DASH's crew that he doesn’t allow them to watch and spy his experiment.

Yotsuya was planning something. Base Titan whose power suddenly drops. At the same time, Pigmon appeared in front of the Kaito and Red King appeared in area JS201. Although DASH starts intercepting immediately, Red King cannot attack missiles because he has the explosive rocks in his stomach. At that time, the Red King disappeared as soon as the power of the Base Titan dropped again.

Pigmon says that the Red King has emerged when someone summons the bioenergy that was sealed in the subject phantom that exists in a different dimension. The same goes for Pigmon. Yotsuya was suspected as the power of the Base Titan diminished during the appearance and disappearance of the Red King. Sure enough, Dr. Yotsuya fled the lab, and the Dimension Force was destroyed. Then he shortly comes to the command room and says that he has successfully expriement his weapon, Dr.Yotsuya grinned that he needed to replenish the enormous energy of the Base Titan in order to complete his weapon that sent Ultraman Max to another dimension which reveals his revenge and try to shoot anyone who has disturbed him. Soon, He fired at Elly. But she was unaffected because Elly doesn’t have a life causing Pigmon interfered and attacked him which causing Pigmon is shooted and then united in Elly. Captain Hijikata remembered something and suddenly turned off the lights in the command room causing Yotsuya transformed into Tiny Shamer revealing that Yotsuya was a Alien Shamer and he runs away. Kaito is astonished by Elly, who calls himself Pigmon and surprising him.

Watching Pigmon as Elly sticking to the Kaito, Mizuki and Koba are in a bad mood. Shortly, the Red King reappeared. DASH was dispatched immediately, but Pigmon (as Elly) clung to him to take him along.

Kaito transformed into Ultraman Max. In the meantime, Mizuki searched for Alien Shamer. Alien Shamer tries to expose the rays of Dimension Force, but he fails. He tries to fire it again, but abrupted by Mizuki and Elly. Mizuki shoot him but he’s unaffected because he was ghost. Then he shot but Elie Pigmon becomes a shield causing Pigmon with disappears to a different dimension, and Elie returns.

Sean has dropped a newly developed Black Dimension to hunt down Shamer in the dark. Alien Shammer falls from the roof of the building. Shortly, Ultraman Max defeats the Red King in Max Galaxy succesfully. Later Night, Shamer is a being prey for stray cats much of his afraid.

Sean analyzed Shaman's ray gun, but it was just a container of special energy. When Elie returned, she had all the memories she had when she was a Pigmon.





Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 10 features episodes 35-39.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 23, 2017
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