Allosaurus (アロサウルス Arosaurusu) is a famous genus of large extinct carnosaurian theropod dinosaurs that lived during the Late Jurassic period.

A Allosaurus was one of the many poacher targets in Dinosaur Expedition Born Free.

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  • Height: N/A (Dinosaur Expedition Born Free), 4.3 m (real life)
  • Weight: N/A (Dinosaur Expedition Born Free), 2.3 t (real life)
  • Origin: Prehistoric Earth.


Dinosaur Expedition Born Free



Trivia not relevant for the series
  • Allosaurus means "different, other-lizard" in Greek.
  • Real-life Allosaurus had a weak bite, but a reinforced skull and powerful neck muscles. Some paleontologists have argued that they used their upper jaw as a hatchet, incapacitating their prey with repeated blows.

Powers and Abilities


Known Allosaurs

  • Arrow (Dinosaur Great War Izenborg)
  • Alulu (Dinosaur Great War Izenborg)
  • Ororo (Dinosaur Great War Izenborg)
  • Skeldon (The☆Ultraman; possibly)



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