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The Alien spirits (宇宙人の霊 Uchujin no rei) were a trio of aliens from an unnamed alien race that appeared in Ultraman Dyna.


Ultraman Dyna

Long ago, an unnamed alien race was one of the races that the Alien Nuaza had dominated. Some time later, the last remaining Alien Nuaza, Eshilis, died when three aliens assassinated him via a sacred sword and having their spirits sealed. However, centuries passed and in the modern era, Super GUTS member Kariya and a team came to investigate Eshilis' tomb. He possessed Kariya to use the Super GUTS machinery to destroy Earth, but was halted by his old enemies: the three assassins. They possessed the rest of the team to try and kill Eshilis again, but this time, they failed. Eshilis quickly left the scene and turned giant-sized on the moon using the old god of Nuaza statue as a body. Ultraman Dyna soon appeared and the two fought, while the three assassins opened Eshilis's grave, his corpse being his only weakness. Kariya used the sacred sword, previously used to kill Eshilis centuries ago, and stabbed the center of Eshilis's corpse, weakening his soul and enabled Dyna to kill him. The three alien spirits left as the last of the Nuaza had been terminated.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Sacred Sword: These three aliens were able to create a sword that contains holy energies which used to kill Eshilis some time ago.
  • Possession: After their death, they can possessed anyone they desired.
  • Energy Blasts: While possessing humans the three aliens could fire blue blasts of energy that would send their target flying backward, but otherwise not kill them. It is assumed that they held back in these instances.
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