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"Why do all Earthlings lie? On my world, nobody does."
"It's because on your world, people can read each other's minds."
"That's why there's no deception. Moa, can you
please stay honest?"

―Nabia and Moa, I Read Minds.

Alien Zobetai (ゾべタイ星人 Zobetai Seijin) is an alien race that first appeared in Ultraman Geed.


Ultraman Geed

The people of Planet Zobetai are known for being mind readers and because of this, the concept of lying is nonexistent in their planet. One single female teenager, a member of AIB named Nabia (ナビア) has helped the team solving multiple monster cases with the use of her powers.

Nabia was called to Earth by Moa Aizaki and Zenna to solve Zandrias' case but failed since her powers cannot be reached and said monster burrowing away. Nabia took this break opportunity to find a boyfriend on Earth, going by the human name Satoko (サトコ) but was disappointed when all of them were cheaters. Seeing Moa, she decided to help her and learn of her unrequited childhood crush on Riku Asakura, whose alien identity was already guessed by her. Still depressed by humanity's lying nature, she returned to read Zandrias' minds but to no avail, causing both her and Moa to get caught in its gust until Geed save them. Finally being able to detect its problem, Moa solves this through her similar situation before Zero taking over the rest, earning Nabia's respect as a result. I Read Minds


  • Actress: Rei Ishigami.
  • Her alien name Nabia was never mentioned in the series, being listed on the official website instead.
  • According to Nabia, aliens gaining an Earthling name is a popular trend. This was however before she discovered that they try to blend into humanity due to mankind having yet to accept extraterrestrial guests.
    • She also mentions that female aliens getting human boyfriends is a common topic in space.
  • The Zobetai races are tributes to Betazoids from the Star Trek franchise. Aside from the name being an anagram (Zobetai to Betazoid, leaving out the letter "D"), their race appeared to be human-like and possesses the ability to read minds. However because of this ability, the concept of lying is nonexistent in their culture, hence being outspoken towards each other.


  • Height: 1.7 m
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Origin: Planet Zobetai of Beta Star System
Powers and Weapons
  • Mind Reading: The signature abilities of Alien Zobetai are emitting energy balls from their kiss to read other's thoughts. Those affected can either have their conscience being heard by nearby people or if its a monster's case, can only be heard by the Zobetai themselves.
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