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Alien Waiell (ワイアール星人, Waiāru SeijinWaiell Star-people) were aliens from the planet Waiell that appeared in episode 2 of Ultraseven. He is also known as Alien Wyaan.

Subtitle: Organisms X (生物X, Seibutsu X)


  • Height: 1.8 ~ 150 m
  • Weight: 100 kg ~ 13,000 t
  • Origin: Waiell Star



An alien plant covered with countless thorns, Waiell uses two extraterrestrial Tilsonite 808 rocks to disguise himself as Ishiguro, a crew member of Space Station V3 who has just returned to Earth. Under the cover of night, Waiell reverts to his true form and begins attacking humans by sending blood-sucking tentacles down the streets. In turn, the victims become Waiell-type monsters themselves, and spread the vampire-like epidemic across the city.

When his Tilsonite 808 rocks are destroyed (revealing that they contain alien machinery and the real Ishiguro within), Waiell's cover is blown, which then forces him to go through a gruesome transformation while on a train in the middle of a tunnel. He then takes on giant size and battles Ultraseven until he's cut completely in half by his Eye Slugger. Ultraseven then destroyed the halves with his Emerium Ray.


  • Alien Wyann is said to have come from a planet where plants where mutated by an unknown cause
  • In the Turner Network Television dubbed version, he and his brethren were called Violim Shrubs.

Powers and ​Weapons

  • Metal Shell: Alien Waiell has a metallic shell made of Tilsonite 808, a metal so thick Ultraseven can not see through it or sense activity inside. This shell contains an organism that Alien Waiell can morph into, and there is a smaller replica that mimics what happens to the larger one.
  • Blood Drain: Alien Waiell can drain the blood from his prey by grabbing them. Anything that survives this attack will turn into a Alien Waiell as well.
  • Growth: Alien Waiell can grow from human size to over 492 feet and 13,000 tons.
  • Stun Ray: Alien Waiell can release a green ray from his arms that can stun enemies.


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