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Alien Vulcanus (ヴァルカヌス星人 Vuarukanusu Seijin) are a race of aliens that first appeared in Neo Ultra Q. The first and currently only man from Vulcanus to appear went by the name Joji Haya (羽屋丈二 Haya Jōji).

Subtitle: Space Business Man (宇宙ビジネスマン Uchū Bijinesuman)


Neo Ultra Q

Alien Vulcanus, a businessman, came to earth looking for something "beautiful". By his kind's standards, that meant things which contained a large amount of negative energy. Some time ago, he found a woman named Miki, who was close to comitting suicide because of how unfairly the world treated her due to her "ugliness". Vulcanus signed a contract with her to make her "beautiful", and she became a model. After some time, Miki's skin started to petrify and she became a mannequin. Jin Haibara, Emiko Watarase and Shohei Shiroyama found a card with Alien Vulcanus' address, and traced him down, where they also found miki paralysed. Vulcanus refused to give her up because of his contract with her, unless they could find something more "beautiful" for him in exchange by the next day. He gave them a device that can detect negative energy to help them.

Soon, they had a device invented which could drain negative energy from people, but when they tested it on one person, he started to become unstable, and they put the negative energy back in him to restabilize him. Vulcanus was disappointed that they came back empty handed but they convince him that they can find an alternative. In the trio's next attempt, they placed down rods at various places to drain the negative energy from the environment without harming anyone. Vulcanus accempted it and voided his contract with Miki, returning her bodily functions to her.

The next morning, Miki chose to leave with Vulcanus to his planet and continue to be "beautiful" there instead of remianing "ugly" on the Earth where people treated her cruelly.


  • Height: 1.7 m
  • Weight: 100 kg
  • Origin: Planet Vulcanus


Neo Ultra Q

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