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Alien Velder was alien introduced in the series, Fireman.



Years ago when man kind was still in its infancy, a race of aliens from a solar system known as the Velder Star sought to take over the Earth. Instead of simply invading, they assimilated some of their own kind into human society, and left a monster by the name of Lanosaurus to be used as a future invasion weapon. Millions of years passed as the Velder observed the Earth, waiting for the right time to strike. Meanwhile on the planet, the assimilated Velder blended and breeded with humans, and Lanosaurus became deceased and was buried where none could find it. After a long time into modern day, the Velder finally communicate with the Velder/human hybrids, a man and his son. They explain their true heritage and the invasion plan. The aliens give the man and his son a gun to revive Lanosaurus for the invasion.

Shortly after Lanosaurus was revived Fireman joined the battle as it was wrecking a nearby village. The Alien Valder took matters into their own hands by flying out in their saucer to attack Fireman. This worked at first, the hero being stunned by their saucer's beam, but the Scientific Attack Force quickly intercepted and destroyed the saucer, ruining the potential invasion.


  • Origin: Velder Star
Powers and Weapons
  • Telepathy: Alien Velder can use telepathy to communicate across space. This also allows them to project images in someone's head while they are sleeping.
  • Saucer: Alien Velder travel in a flying saucer that can fire a blue energy beam from the underside.
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