Alien Valkie's Monster Class (バルキー星人の怪獣教室 Barukī Seijin no Kaijū Kyōshitsu) is the 8th episode of New Ultraman Retsuden.


After Ultraman Ginga ended with Valky becoming a Spark Doll and Hikaru finding him and flicking him in the head and him responding to it in a compliant. He then becomes the host of the episode and showcases all the monsters who where Spark Dolls including Dark Tiga. He even goes to show his original apperance and the shows how they were defeated. In the end Hikaru flicks him once again (in his eye) and comedically starts to yell at him and Hikaru (he had to put him up to his ear at one point to hear him shouting) and ending of the episode there.


  • Alien Valky does say some things in to the reaction of some of the monsters, like him acting as a ghoul for Kemur Man and saying "te-he" at the beginning of Doragory fight
  • during that fight with Doragory and Muruchi II , Alien Valkie screams with his eyes closed as Muruchi II gets his jaw torn of (This was never shown because it was to show that it was to violent for kids to see. The part where his arm get ripped of is shown though).
  • At the end of the episode 8 while Hikaru starts to talk if you listen closely you can still hear him yelling at him.
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