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Alien Utsugi (ウツギ星人 Utsugi Seijin) is an alien race that appeared in episode 12 of Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy.


Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

Youhei and Matsubon were two ordinary boys, living in a very ordinary town. One night a meteorite fell in the woods, and the next day a suspicious man moved into town. From that day on, everything started to become very strange. Night after night, the adults would hold a meeting, a private gathering in the outskirts of the town. One evening the adults began to perform a strange ritual around the meteorite, and standing among them was Youhei's own mother! Meanwhile, Goichi remembered a ceremony performed in ancient times surrounding megaliths; when a collective dream materialized, it was alleged that their wish could become reality. So, just what is the the collective dream of the town's adults?


  • Height: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Origin: Space
  • Weaknesses: Alien Utsugi will die if its meteor is destroyed.
Powers and Weapons
  • Possession: Alien Utsugi can possess human hosts.
  • Star Drop Creation: Alien Utsugi can create small green gems from it's eye known as "Star Drops" that be used to put children to sleep. He used this that way the children could not seen the adults-turned-children at night.
  • Tentacles: Alien Utsugi had many tentacles that he could use to strangle or constrict with.


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