"He came in contact with the aliens' minds and turned their plans for invasion around to ones of dominance."
"And then he used them to get himself revived."
"Yapool, you are truly a demon!

―The Ultra Brothers as they chastises on Yapool's evil scheme.

Alien Union (宇宙人連合 Uchūjin Rengō), or called the Galactic Union (銀河連合 Ginga Rengō) was a group of aliens that appeared in the movie Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers. Though an evil faction, in reality, they were actually normal aliens whom were brainwashed/corrupted by Yapool as pawns of his scheme. The team's base of operation was an invisible saucer hidden in the sky of Kobe, Japan.


Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers

After having himself imprisoned by the Ultra Brothers, Yapool corrupted their hearts and turned them into invaders. The team thought of using the imprisoned U-Killersaurus as a weapon of invasion. Temperor acted first by rampaging in the Kobe city luring Mebius to attack and kill him. With Mebius' data collected, Zarab used it to poison Mirai Hibino and imposed as Mebius to damage his reputation. Eventually even with Zarab's demise as well, it took Guts to defeat Mebius and crucify him in the mid air.

Soon the Ultra Brothers transformed and defeated Guts and Nackle to save Mebius but it was then when they revealed their true plans, crucified the Ultra Brothers instead and had their energies depleted to release their seal. Mebius transformed again and killed Guts, now saving the Ultra Brothers. Eventually, the seal had been opened and U-Killersaurus escaped. However, just as Nackle thought that he would win the battle, U-Killersaurus killed him, having no need of the former and destroyed the Alien Union's saucer base.



The Alien Union plans their invasion inside of a classic flying saucer. The saucer is a homage to the original Alien Temperor's space ship. The ship has the following abilities:

  • Invisibility: The ship is able to cloak it self to become invisible.
  • Transportation: The ship can send an alien to Earth via a purple ray.
  • Forcefield Generation: A forcefield can be generated from the ship to surround a certain area.
    • Darkness Emission: A cloud of darkness can be emitted from the ship, it then spreads throughout the confined area.
  • Energy Conversion: The ship is able to absorb an Ultra's Light Energy and convert it into Minus Energy.


  • Despite their appearance in Ultraman Mebius, they were shown to have no relation to Alien Empera in one way or another compared to most aliens in said series.
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