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Alien Tran (トラン星人 Toran Seijin) is an alien introduced in episode 13 of Fireman.

Subtitle: Dangerous Alien (密行宇宙人 Mikkō uchūbito)



The Alien Tran arrived to Earth via a flying saucer that was used to drop a radioactive capsule in a lake in the middle of the night. This capsule was intended to grow into the monster Dorango. Both of the aliens existed their saucer only to realize that the control device for their capsule had gone missing. The next day they captured the teacher of a nearby town to interrogate her in hopes to find the control device. That night a search party for the teacher, led by the Scientific Attack Team, unwittingly discovered a radioactive glow from the lake. The next day one of them disguised themselves as the teacher to mind control some nearby children while the real one was let go in the woods. Once she was found the Scientific Attack Team noticed a schematic for the control device. Meanwhile, the mind controlled kids were sent to find the control device. The children eventually passed out while the police and Scientific Attack Force conducted their own search. Once Dorango was released and escaped to the surface both aliens resorted to having to destroy the control device, soon finding it with the Scientific Attack Force. They attempted to kill them fire their eye lasers, but fire was returned and both Alien Tran died in the attack.


  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Origin: Planet Tran
Powers and Weapons
  • Flying Cloak: Alien Tran have a yellow cloak that allows them to fly short distances.
  • Eye Beams: Alien Tran can fire a beam from theireyes, capable of knocking out a human.
    • Laser Eyes: Similar to the first beam that can knock out and control a human, these laser eyes can be shot out to destroy machinery.
  • Mind Control: Alien Tran can control the minds of children by calling their name.
  • Human Disguise: Alien Tran can disguise themselves as humans that they have captured.
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