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Alien Simon (サイモン星人 Saimon Seijin) is a race of aliens that appeared offscreen in Ultraman Ace. A single Alien Simon appears in the final episode, but is later revealed to be a disguise of Yapool.

Subtitle: Nomadic Alien (遊牧星人 Yūboku Seijin)


Ultraman Ace

At some point in the past, the Simons had been attacked (and possibly controlled) by Yapool. As part of his plan to defeat Ace once and for all, Yapool impersonated a juvenile Alien Simon to evade detection. He first pretended to be targeted by Yapool in order to get closer to TAC. He later escorted some kids away to safety when Jumbo King attacked the city. To further the act, Yapool initially only spoke in the language of the Simon, but later he told Hokuto via telepathy that he is Yapool in disguise, and his true plan was to getting his revenge on TAC and Hokuto, and depriving the children's kindness. Yapool's disguise was finally defeated by Hokuto, shortly before he transformed into Ace. With Yapool defeated once again, Ace set off to battle Jumbo King, and soon destroyed the chimeric monster in the final battle. Yapool was forced into hiding, but kept on scheming in his own dimension.


  • Simon's suit was modified from Alien Antira.
  • The real Alien Simon never appeared as this one is just an imitation of Yapool.
  • Like Yuko Minami and Aprasar, Alien Simon's race was also endangered by Yapool.
  • Simon's name may refer to being Psychic, as Simon communicates primarily through telepathy.


  • Height: 199 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Origin: Planet Simon
Powers and Weapons
  • Shock Rays: Alien Simon was theorized to possess shock rays to attack their opponent.
  • Telepathy: Yapool as Alien Simon can communicate with someone else via telepathy.


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