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Alien Semon (セモン星人 Semon Seijin) is an alien species introduced in episode 17 of Ultraman Taiga. A single individual named Meed (ミード Mīdo)[1] appears in their debut episode.


Ultraman Taiga

Meed was once arrested by Kana Sasaki four times during her time in Foreign Affairs Division X. She tried to get him a job and had conversation groups to help Meed. Over the years, he had turned to a life of crime, making a living by cheating and stealing from others. In the present day, he stole a monster-controlling device from the Alien Pedan, who then hunted him down. Meed was saved by Kirisaki, who told him to get help from EGIS He needed to meet with a "contact", so he went to EGIS to get them to escort him, lying to Kana about the circumstances, saying that he needed to go back to his planet after letting out a few Villain Guild secrets.

They bring him to a mall, near the rendezvous point. After causing some trouble and letting both Homare Soya and Hiroyuki Kudo know about Kana's incident with the Cicada girl, he helps up a little girl who had fallen. Suddenly, the Alien Pedan attack, so Kana escorts him to the rendezvous point while Homare and Hiroyuki fight off the thugs. He met up with his contact, an Alien Ckalutch, who wanted to buy the monster-controlling device, much to the shock of Kana, who had been lied to. They are attacked by more Alien Pedan, but in the commotion, Kirisaki summons Demaaga, forcing Hiroyuki Kudo to transform into Ultraman Taiga. Kana decides to protect Meed, knowing that he is not a bad person inside. After the brawl, Meed is arrested by the authorities. He sees something coming towards Kana and pushes her out of the way, and is hit fatally by an energy bolt. He dies immediately, having been "accidentally" shot by none other than Kirisaki. Guardian Angel



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