Alien Selemo (セレモ星人 Seremo Seijin) is an alien race that made its appearance in the 2015 Ultraman Festival. The only member to appear in this stageshow is a Xio officer named Marie (マーリエ Mārie).


Ultraman Festival 2015

Acting as a navigator to the spectators, Marie and other alien members of Xio Outer Space Branch members were working on two Cyber Cards. When Dark Mephisto attacked their headquarters, Marie and two other members, Alien Fanton Kurumon and Alien Magma Rom managed to escape from being brainwashed as the other Ultra Warriors come to their aid. The two Cyber Cards that they created would be utilized by Ultraman X in against Dark Mephisto.


  • Since Marie is the navigator of this stageshow, her headset is disguised as a pair of elf-like ears.
  • It is unknown if Selemo are naturally pink-haired.
  • The race's name is based on the Japanese transliteration of the English word "ceremony" (セレモニー Seremonī).


Powers and Weapons
  • None


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