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Alien Seger (セゲル星人 Segeru Seijin)[1] is an alien species introduced in episode 5 of Ultraman Taiga. A single individual named Aoi (葵) appears in their debut episode.

Subtitle: Summoner (召喚士 Shōkanshi)[1]


Ultraman Taiga

Alien Seger were a race that used their invasion monster Segmeger to invade planets with favorable living conditions, and expand their territory. Along the way, they destroyed Alien Damara's home planet.

Aoi and Pirika

An individual named Aoi was lurking on Earth, with the intention of using Segmeger as an invasion weapon. She encounters Pirika Asahikawa in a mall, and quickly became acquainted after buying some clothes, with the former not knowing that Aoi was the alien summoner she was looking for. Aoi confided in Pirika, cryptically revealing her real job while saying that she was envious of the humans' lifestyle since her race focused only on "working". However, Aoi found out that Pirika was looking for her when she had to check her phone when Hiroyuki managed to find an image of Segmeger's summoner, and their friendship quickly went sour. Aoi attacked Pirika using her crystal ball before summoning Segmeger to wreak havoc on the city, but it was faced by the Tri-Squad. Pirika then confronted Aoi and managed to convince her to do the right thing, and that her future was her own to decide. Feeling guilty for her actions, Aoi sacrificed her life force, despite Pirika's pleas for her not to go so far. Ultraman Titas received Aoi's life energy and recovered from his poisoning. He then proceeded to destroy Segmeger. The Future You Decide


  • Aoi's use of a crystal is similar to Black Directive, it being connected to their user's own life and being a primary method of summoning monsters.


Powers and Weapons
  • Crystal Ball: Aoi's weapon is a crystal ball that is connected to the user's own life force.
    • Energy Pulse: Aoi generates an energy pulse via the crystal ball, powerful enough to push away other beings of similar size.
    • Summoning: with the command "Segme Akbaru Estadaha," Aoi summons Segmeger.
    • Life Force Transfer: With the command "Segme Ana Ashfa," Aoi gives up her own life force, transferring it to someone else. While doing so, a barrier surrounds her. It has the ability to negate Segmeger's poisons.


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