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Alien Satun (サトン星人 Saton Seijin) are aliens whom appeared in Ultraman Max. They came to Earth in ancient times with their guardian Keplus to enlighten humanity of the beauty of the starry night sky. While most left the Earth after they had finished their teachings, some of them stayed with the humans and had descendants that survived to modern times. Kazuya Narimiya was one of their descendants who believed that humanity had forgotten the teachings of his ancestors. Mizuki Koishikawa was possibly another one of their descendants.

Subtitle: Creators of Starry Sky (星空の創造主 Hoshizora no Sōzōnushi)


Ultraman Max

Kazuya Narimiya called the Alien Satun the creators of the Starry Night, he explained that to teach humanity of the starry sky's beauty, they covered the Earth's circumference with a celestial body that showed more stars at night, as a sort of planetarium. Before they left Earth, Alien Satun constructed a smaller planetarium for those of them that had stayed behind so that their descendants would be able to find their way home to planet Satun in the future.


Powers and Weapons
  • Planetarium: A special planetarium, which connects to the one around earth, can be accessed by descendants of the Alien Satun.
  • Door of the starry sky: It is possible that the Alien Satun, just like their guardian beast Keplus, can summon a portal that leads back to planet Satun.


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