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Alien Sarin (サーリン星人 Suryn Seijin) was an alien race that appeared in Ultraman Leo. These aliens lived peacefully with robots serving them in their lifestyle until the robots rebelled. This caused the last Alien Sarin, Dodole (ドドル Dodoru) and his "granddaughter", Carolyn to escape to Earth.


Ultraman Leo

A long time ago, life on Planet Sarin was peaceful as robots served the Alien Sarin in their daily life, with Dodole creating Gamerot as his servant. But some time later, robots started a rebellion and taken over the planet with the remaining Alien Sarin Dodole and his android "granddaughter" Carolyn fleeing to Earth.

The robotic monstrosity that had devastated the planet Sarin, Gamerot came to Earth in order to kill the two survivors of the planet. The robot soon arrived on Earth to begin his hunt. He was met with MAC counterattack the moment he had landed, but he then broadcast the reason he arrived on Earth, to kill the two aliens. MAC soon attacked but his beams quickly shot them from the sky with ease, still demanding the aliens be turned over to him. Gen refused to turn them over to the robot and helped them try to escape but Gamerot kept firing after them with his energy beams. Thankfully, Gen transformed into Ultraman Leo to attack Gamerot. However, after bashing him to the ground, Gamerot extended his limbs and his armor proved all his physical attacks useless, sending Leo flying with one punch before stomping on his chest. But Carolyn intervened, firing at the death machine until he fired back, forcing her to take her true form. She flew straight into the machinery in his waist at high speeds. Malfunctioning, Gamerot flailed wildly before finally falling to the ground and exploding in a huge fireball, avenging Carolyn's sacrifice and the Sarin race.

Carolyn was later given an Earth-style burial for her bravery, and Dodole started his new life on Earth.


  • Professor Dodole was portrayed by the late Hideyo Amamoto, who is known for portraying Dr. Death from Kamen Rider.
  • The silhouettes of Northsatan, Alien Vibe and Alien Kettle were used to portray the original form of Alien Sarin that appear in Carolyn's flashback.


  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Origin: Planet Sarin
Power and Weapons
  • Saucer: Alien Sarin Dodole travelled to Earth with his granddaughter Carolyn.
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