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Not to be confused with Alien Regulan from the Dark Horse Ultraman Tiga manga

Alien Reguran (レギュラン星人 Regyuran Seijin) are a group of aliens from Planet Reguran (レギュラン星 Regyuran Sei), the fourth planet of Nemesis Nebula (ネメシス星雲第 Nemeshisu Seiun).

Subtitle: Wicked Alien (悪質宇宙人 Akushitsu Uchūjin)



Alien Reguran has a motif based on salmon fillets.


Ultraman Tiga

Alien Reguran in Ultraman Tiga

Alien Reguran was known for his wickedness and treachery. One day, he approached the Bemudar Space Station. After the father of the GUTS member Rena sent five warnings, Reguran was prepared to use his laser blasters. However, the blasters had trouble, so before TPC was forced to destroy his spaceship, he himself left the spaceship in an escape pod while his child and wife died. After TPC called Rena's father and his co-worker back to Earth, Reguran attacked them and crashed their rocket. Rena left for the site before the rest of GUTS left as well. After landing, Reguran killed the co-worker and captured Rena's father. Then, as GUTS arrived, Daigo found Rena, but the two were discovered by the alien, who then captured Rena and began to torture her with electricity on the cross. Rena's father then tried everything to rescue her, but couldn't due to a force field. He then revealed Reguran's treachery. Reguran was just about to kill the father and daughter when GUTS arrived.

Reguran then teleported out of his pod, which was set on self destruct, and enlarged himself. GUTS came outside and Daigo transformed into Ultraman Tiga. After a short battle, Reguran clearly couldn't defeat Tiga. He then took off for the sky but was caught up by Tiga in Sky Type. The two raged and Reguran fell to the ground once again. There, he tried to attack Tiga with a windmill but failed. He then pretended to surrender, but ambushed our hero and tried to choke him to death. As Tiga's Color Timer began to blink, Rena and her father in the GUTS Wing 1 attacked the alien. The hero and alien then engaged in a beam battle of Fire Stream vs. Ranbalt Light Bullet, Reguran was quickly overpowered and then destroyed by the light bullet. The Man Who Came Down to Earth


  • Voice actor: Takeshi Kuwahara
  • Suit actors: Toshio Miyake, Shun Hirosawa (mostly)
  • Designer: Hiroshi Maruyama


Ultraman Dyna

Another Alien Reguran, named Captain Zoyaka (ヅウォーカァ将軍 Zuuokā Shōgun), appeared in Ultraman Dyna.

Captain Zoyaka was the self-declared "worst person in the universe." He first appeared on the Super GUTS main screen, proclaiming his attack plans on Earth. However, the Super GUTS deployed four GUTS Eagle Gammas, two GUTS Wing 2s, and a whole squadron of GUTS Wing Crimson Dragons to combat the threat. The threat was repelled, then Captain Zoyaka declared another attack using the Comet Bomb, sending tons of comets to Mars. Asuka and Mai were there to pick up a new weapon: the Spacium Gun, and a new weapon was deployed: Mountain Gulliver 5. However, even after that, it was still not enough to stop the comets. The Artdessei, a squadron of GUTS Wing 1s, Mountain Gulliver 5, and Asuka in the GUTS Eagle Alpha all tried, but still could not save Mars. Captain Zoyaka (and two others) then teleported Asuka away to torture him with punches and kicks, but Asuka transformed into Ultraman Dyna and used the Solgent Beam on the comets and helping Reguran pods. Captain Zoyaka was presumed to be killed in the wreckage. Ephemeral Dream


  • Captain Zoyaka is a completely new design of the Reguran costume.
  • Captain Zoyaka, in his second appearance in Super GUTS main screen, was holding an Alien Reguran action figure holding a windmill, representing the Reguran's appearance in Ultraman Tiga. This was a very much indirect commercial for the Ultra Monster Series.
  • Captain Zoyaka is merely a part of Shin Asuka's dream and a figment of his imagination; whether the character really exists or not is questionable.

Mirror Fight 2012

Alien Reguran reappeared in episode 1 of the miniseries, Mirror Fight 2012.


Alien Reguran

Alien Reguran uchusen.png

  • Height: 2.4 ~ 60 m
  • Weight: 180 kg ~ 52,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Reguran
Powers and Weapons
  • Fireball: Alien Reguran can fire fireballs from his hand. They are moderately powered and can cause large explosions.
  • Fire Stream: Alien Reguran can shoot fire streams out of his hands. However, they will only burn the target and nothing around it.
  • Capture Mist: Alien Reguran can release a mist from his hands. The mist will take away the victim and automatically place them on the cross in his escape pod.
  • Size Change: Alien Reguran can alter his size to giant.

Alien Reguran Captain Zoyaka

Captain Zoyaka

  • Height: 2.6 m
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Origin: Asuka's Dream
Powers and Weapons
  • Pods: Captain Zoyaka commanded a vast Reguran army, each soldier piloted his own fighter pod.
  • Teleportation: Captain Zoyaka can teleport victims.
  • Comet Bomb: Captain Zoyaka created a bomb that is almost indestructable, and can create a huge explosion that sends comets onto a targeted planet.


The Three Alien (left to right): 2000 ver. Alien Reguran, 1997 ver. Captain Zoyaka, 1996 ver. Alien Reguran

Alien Reguran has been released two times as part of the Ultra Monster Series. The first edition (1996) was released in conjunction with the broadcasting of his episode. It is made of dark grey vinyl with dark purple in the other parts. The figure itself had a very glossy finish. The other is the 2000 ver., which features a lighter tone of colors as well as glittering silver instead of grey. Captain Zoyaka only had one figure release in the 1997 ver. in conjunction with the broadcasting of his episode as well as Mountain Gulliver 5. The figure is made of red vinyl with silver and another layer of spray painted silver. Alien Reguran was number 89 in the 1996 ver. and 50 in the 2000 ver. Captain Zoyaka was number 89 EX.



Ultraman Tiga

Ultraman Dyna


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